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Mike Rowe Scolds Democrats: Profoundly Unreasonable to Make ‘Taxpayers Pay the Tuition of Those Who Wish to Participate In a University’

Author and Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe stated it is exceptionally unreasonable for Democrats to make “taxpayers pay the tuition of those who want to participate in a university.”

The TELEVISION host’s comments remained in response to a concern from a fan who said HBO’s Real Time With Costs Maher host Expense Maher’s recent tiradequestioning college mirrored what Rowe has been saying for years.

Throughout his segment, Maher stated higher education is a “grift,” a “luxury daycare center” staffed with “overpaid sitters,” and questioned whether it is suitable to make “somebody who does not go to college and earns less money– pay for people who do go and make more.”

“Costs Maher’s present tirade on greater ed is nearly similar to everything you’ve been stating for the last thirteen years through mikeroweWORKS,” the fan composed to Rowe. “I imply, like, literally identical. How do you feel? Swindled? Flattered? Or perhaps, a bit disturbed that you and Expense Maher see eye to eye on more than a few problems here of late …”

Rowe reacted by saying that he would be “nothing however flattered” if he were to discover that Maher used mikeroweWORKS as a resource for the contents of his recent tirade.

“I constructed mikeroweWORKS, in part anyhow, to be a resource for people who wanted to reevaluate the traditional knowledge that college is the best path for the many individuals,” Rowe continued. “However, everything I think to be true regarding that concern, I’ve gained from investigating the work of others.”

Off the WallMike– Costs Maher’s current tirade on greater ed is practically identical to

whatever you have actually been stating for the … Posted by Mike Rowe on Sunday, June 6, 2021″Likewise,

everything I think to be real about the extensive unfairness of making taxpayers pay the tuition of those who wish to go to a university has already been articulated by a long list of people a lot more competent than I,” Mike Rowe added.

Rowe went on to state that “it is essential to provide credit where credit is due,” which he discovers Maher reliable, since he is “speaking what I think to be the truth to a big audience that most likely does not wish to hear it.”

“However it’s also real that the most persuasive people don’t care who gets the credit– particularly when it concerns altering hearts and minds. And that’s what’s actually at stake here,” Rowe included.

Rowe said his and Maher’s position is not an “anti-education” position:

I desire people to drastically reconsider higher education. Towards that end, I’ve constantly kept that making a four-year degree “more economical” is an excellent symptom, however a poor goal. The better goal is to make a four-year degree less essential than it presently is. That’s not an “anti-education” position. It’s a cry for rationality, proportionality, and sound judgment. The huge, frustrating bulk of jobs that need a diploma from a four-year school, should not. Some should, however most should not. When it pertains to finding out, we can’t keep providing the most expensive course– college– as “the best path for the most people.” And we can’t make college less expensive by asking everybody else to spend for it. That becomes part of what makes the whole proposition a “racket.”

“Expense Maher seems to concur, so I enjoy to share his video on this page,” Rowe added. “Does this mean I agree with whatever in the video, or whatever he says? Of course not. However he’s reaching an audience that I do not have, with a message that I securely support.”

In closing, Rowe noted that Maher had actually mentioned “a stat that I had actually never ever heard.”

“‘In 1960,’ he says, ‘15% of university student received an A.’ Today, that number is 45%. That’s not due to the fact that college graduates are getting smarter …” Rowe said.

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