Natural Energy Boost Without the Crash

ENERGY, more commonly lack of energy, is one of the most frequent complaints that I hear. Unfortunately, there is not one pill, or one answer that applies to everyone.

Every cell in our body is ALIVE with electric energy that comes from the right balance of minerals, fluids, vitamins and other nutrients. If we don’t have the right balance of nutrients in our bodies, we don’t just shrivel up and die, we adapt. Our bodies have incredible wisdom in each cell that allows us to still function even without optimum fuel (nutrition).

Without the RIGHT NUTRIENTS, the body has to decide what absolutely has to run and what can wait until another time. Another common decision for the body is what to do with the stuff it just doesn’t have time to deal with or doesn’t recognize. The result of these decisions is the story of our personal health. It is affected by what we eat and drink, what kind of air we breathe, our thoughts, our emotions, and the stress in our everyday lives.

The BODY always does its best with (continue reading)

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