Putin & Xi Have Red Lines, Too

Biden personally ensured President Volodymyr Zelensky of America’s “steadfast support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of Russia’s continuous hostility in the Donbass and Crimea.” What does that indicate?

What are Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping as much as?

In recent days, Russian tanks, weapons, armor, trucks and troops have actually been moving by road and rail ever closer to Ukraine, and Moscow is said to be repositioning its 56th Guards Air Attack Brigade in Crimea.

Military sources in Kyiv estimate there are now 85,000 Russian soldiers between 6 and 25 miles from Ukraine’s northern and eastern borders.

“I have genuine issues about Russia’s actions on the borders of Ukraine. There are more Russian forces massed on those borders than at any time considering that 2014 when Russia first attacked,” said Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Sunday’s “Fulfill the Press.” Blinken included this warning:

“President Biden’s been extremely clear about this. If Russia acts recklessly, or strongly, there will be expenses, there will be effects.”

What “expenses” and what “repercussions” were left unstated.

Previously, Biden personally guaranteed President Volodymyr Zelensky of America’s “unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of Russia’s ongoing hostility in the Donbass and Crimea.”

What does that imply?

When Putin was a young KGB officer, the Black Sea was a virtual Soviet lake, controlled in the west by Warsaw Pact members Bulgaria and Romania, and on the north and east by the USSR. Turkey occupied the south bank.

Today, three of the 6 nations that front on the Black Sea– Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey– are NATO members. Two of the others, Ukraine and Georgia, honestly desire become members of NATO.

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who can blame them? The openness of the Russian military accumulation suggests that it is more of a message to the U.S. and NATO than any preparation for an intrusion. Putin seems to be stating: Ukraine’s admission to NATO or a stationing of U.S. or

NATO forces in that country would cross a red line for Russia. And we will not rule out military action to avoid or counter it. The record suggests that Putin is not bluffing. We have actually been here two times in the past. In 2008, when Georgia got into South Ossetia, a province that had broken free of Georgia in the 1990s, Putin sent troops into South Ossetia, drove the Georgians out, and then attacked Georgia and occupied part of

that nation as an object lesson. And though the U.S. had actually related to Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili

as a friend and Georgia as a prospective NATO ally, George W. Bush not did anything. Once again, in 2014, when a U.S.-backed coup toppled the elected and pro-Russian routine in Kyiv, Putin inhabited and annexed Crimea and assisted pro-Russian rebels in the Donbass in breaking free of Kyiv’s control. In other words, when it comes to Ukraine, Russia has demonstrated that it has its own red lines, which it will support with military action. See the Latest Videos on Our Buchanan-Trump YouTube Playlist! The U.S. and NATO, however, have revealed consistently that while they will offer moral support and provide military help to Ukraine, they are not going to fight

Russia over Ukraine, or to wrest Crimea or the Donbass from Putin’s control. A comparable test is occurring in the South and East China seas.

Likewise on Sunday’s”Satisfy the Press,”Blinken was asked if the United States would combat to safeguard Taiwan, which is being bothered and threatened by Xi

Jinping’s China, which declares the island as its sovereign national area.”Are we prepared to safeguard Taiwan militarily?”NBC’s Chuck Todd asked. Blinken’s response:”What we’ve seen, and what is of real issue to us, is progressively aggressive actions

by the federal government in Beijing directed at Taiwan, raising stress

in the Straits. And we have a commitment to Taiwan under the Taiwan Relations Act … All I can inform you is it would be a major error for anybody to attempt to change the existing status quo by force.” Considering that Biden’s presidency began, China has actually

been sending out military airplane, fighters and bombers, into Taiwanese air area

, circumnavigating the island with warships, and openly warning that any declaration of independence by Taipei would suggest war with Beijing. Therefore, Russia has actually explained what it would fight to prevent– Ukraine’s accession to NATO and NATO soldiers on its soil. And China has explained what its red line is, what it would combat to prevent– the declared independence of Taiwan. But U.S. policy in both cases seems to be

among “tactical ambiguity, “leaving the issue open regarding what we would do. A concern occurs: Are Putin’s Russia and Xi’s China, with their advantages of geographical distance, threatening military action to collectively evaluate the resolve of the Biden administration, and colluding to do

so– one in Ukraine, the other in the South and East China Seas? And, should we defend Ukraine, how many NATO allies would be there next to us? And should we combat to keep Taiwan totally free, how many Asian allies would combat China together with us? Recent actions by Putin and Xi make the concerns no longer academic. Do You Value Reading Our Emails and Site? Let us understand how we are doing– Send us a Thank You Via

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