God, Gold, Groceries, and Weapons

Gary North-April 28, 2021 From 2011. I composed a post with this title on June 6, 1980 in my newsletter, Remnant Evaluation. It is time for a follow-up.

The 4 G’s appeared prudent in 1980. In early 1980, the American economy was experiencing the worst peacetime rate inflation in its history. That will reverse due to the Federal Reserve’s choice under Paul Volcker the previous August to minimize the rate of growth in cash and let interest rates soar. This would cause a recession.By completion of summertime

in 1980, the United States was in an economic downturn. The Carter Administration was running a deficit in financial 1980 of a then-shocking $74 billion. (Table 467.) Prices were then 40% of what they are today. A deficit that big would be the equivalent of $203 billion today. A $203 billion deficit would be hailed today as a political triumph by the Tea ceremony and cursed as a job-destroying catastrophe by Paul Krugman.Had you recognized

usually what was being available in 1980, you would have put all of your money into 30-year T-bonds. You would have offered them in mid-August 1982 and bought a no-load shared fund in the S&P 500. You would have offered that in March 2000 and put all of your money in silver. That was because silver had actually collapsed from $50 to under $5. Or you just bought Wal-Mart shares in 1980 and absolutely nothing thereafter. (I relocated to Texas in 1980 and remember seeing a Wal-Mart store in some town. I did not follow through. Too bad.)

We are still around three years later. The Soviet Union isn’t. Red China is now the fastest growing large nation in history, due to the choice of Deng Xiaoping in 1978 to maximize farming. Cuba and North Korea are the last nations committed officially to communist economics. They are widely acknowledged failures.Today, the world

is safer in regards to nuclear war. It is far less safe in regards to the stability of financial institutions. It is also ending up being clear that governments can default on their responsibilities. We see the crisis structure in Europe due to the fact that of the inevitable default of the Greek government on its bonds. The European stock markets rally when Merkel makes some unclear statement about German’s commitment to something, however very little. The lemmings see what is coming, however they can not bring themselves to leave stocks and stay out. They purchase for a day or 2. I call these Merkel’s gurgles. They mean little. Investors think that something will save Greece and the big banks that stupidly thought the previous Greek government and bought Greek IOUs. They think that the federal governments of northern Europe can save the big banks of northern Europe. They believe in deliverance by northern federal government financial obligation– to conserve the banks from southern federal government debt.Why should you appreciate the four G’s? Why should you envision that things will not repeat? The monetary system held up after 1980. Why won’t it hold up today? Why won’t things be organization as usual?One good reason is that it is plainly not federal government as normal. The size of the deficit, the gridlock in Congress, the desperation of the out of work, the ineffectiveness of the Federal Reserve, the inability of the economists to use an option, the aversion of small businesses to borrow, and$1.7 trillion in excess reserves in the banks all point to a continuing crisis that is not disappearing. The federal government is helpless. The Keynesian options are not working.This plainly can not go on indefinitely. The federal government is taking in excessive of America’s capital. Its deficits reveal no indication of ending. A

economic crisis will increase these deficits.When a nation’s leaders are visibly helpless, a couple of people start looking for methods of securing themselves. The huge bulk have couple of capital reserves. They live from paycheck to paycheck. The really abundant have their holiday retreats. They believe they are in good condition. The middle class has little wiggle room. Along come critics of the system who inform people that they had better wiggle. This message is not well received.Many are called, but many are frozen. GOD In 1980, I wanted to advise an excellent book on God.

I could not find one that I believed spoke to the problems of the day. As I state,” You can’t beat something with absolutely nothing.

“So, I decided to write one.

I took a seat in early

July and started writing. I had no summary. I had an IBM Selectric III typewriter. Over the next 12 days, I composed a book,”Unconditional Give up.” In 1988, I added one chapter. In 2010, I added another. It’s still in print.(http://bit.ly/gnuncon) My position is clear: if you believe you’re 100%dependent on your own knowledge and efforts, you are asking for trouble. You have a heavy load. I know that atheists can sober up, but Twelve step programs begins with an open declaration of dependence on God. I think that’s a good location to begin.This world is governed by ethical domino effect. When individuals vote for a living, they produce an economy that depends on more theft. Theft-based economies are Ponzi plans. It’s not simply Social Security that is a Ponzi plan.

So is Medicare. So is the FDIC. All federal governments over-promise. They ask us to end up being based on federal government guarantees. The governments release more promises than taxes and loaning can fund. Then they inflate.Government will show to be the god that stops working. That will be an excellent lesson in faith for hundreds of countless voters.”Thou shalt not take, except by bulk vote”will prove to have been a damaging concept, although extensively believed. GOLD Gold is the asset that has the longest performance history in history. Financial records survive even when composed literature perishes. For as long as we have financial records, there are entries about gold. Gold has been the product of account in trading societies throughout history.It is the essence of the arrogance of modern-day financial theory that economists have dismissed gold as a barbarous antique, a distant memory. It is a distant memory, a thing of the present, and a thing of the future. Why? Since gold is one way that rich people can vote against policies of their federal governments. Rich individuals can purchase gold and store it in Switzerland. They can leave Dodge, any place Dodge may be. They can get on an aircraft and purchase their way into anywhere.The commoner could do the very same, however he will not– not up until it’s too late. He has heard of gold– primarily unfavorable– and he has actually remained on the sidelines, waiting. The commoner can no longer pay for to buy a dozen one-ounce gold coins. In 2001, yes, but not now. He missed out on the boat.There is no commodity, no strategy, no place of security in a world controlled by governments who preach

the gospel of salvation through legislation. There is no hiding location today in a world that really does believe in security through ballot. However for those who try to find a reliable port in the storm, gold is better than any other commonly marketable asset.It has actually been the focus of a move from$ 257 to $1600, 2001 to today.

This, in spite of the nay-saying of the talking heads, the tenured economic experts, and the monetary press. The run up has come from outsiders. With the banks in panic mode, building excess reserves, rates have not risen much, regardless of the massive increase in the financial base given that 2008. Gold is a crisis hedge. It is a buy-and-hold investment. The American public buys gold just when alarmed.

Then their worry subsides. That is why it went to $1900 and after that fell back. The late-comers think there is something wonderful about gold. There isn’t. Gold is a property that rich people purchase when they get scared. But then there is a positive news release from Merkel, or some unclear declaration from Bernanke, and need falls. Rates fall.The truth is clear: eventually, the large boost in the monetary base will be monetized. The FED will pump up more in order to make a market for Treasury debt. Then gold will again be the focus of panic buying.We are seeing the decrease of faith in the state, but nothing has replaced it in the thinking about the elite. They do not know where to turn. This decline of faith will create a decline in the demand for digital money. We do not know when. Costs are not rising much. The economy remains stagnant. But the reserve bank can not keep economic crisis away by adopting stable cash. Volcker’s FED did, but that produced two economic downturns and also Reagan’s $200 billion deficits. The thought of what the next economic downturn will do to the Federal deficit is frightening today.

However it will come. We will have to deal with it. One method for people with money will be gold.But gold buyers must analyze why they are buying gold. They need to choose which form is best for their functions. Here are standard factors:1. To transfer to children at their death. (Purchase small gold bullion coins. )2. To invest in an SEC-regulated portfolio.(Purchase Central Gold Trust. )3. To sell for digital money. (Buy one-ounce bullion coins.) 4. To trade in a crisis. (Buy small bullion coins.) 5. To hold outside the country.(Purchase GoldMoney or Bullion Vault. )6. To offer to capitalize a business(Buy one-ounce bullion coins.

)7. To offer to pay off a home loan(Buy one-ounce bullion coins. )The 3rd use– barter with gold coins– is a long-shot. If it pertains to that, you will not get a great return, compared to having the important things you are trading to get. Consider such conditions. You are so desperate that you want to give up gold coins. That shows a desperate circumstance. The seller knows you are
desperate. He will drive a hard bargain.I tell people
to start collecting those things that would be so desirable in a crisis that they would want to pay for in gold. In many cases, these are common things in regular times. You can buy them at Wal-Mart and even Dollar General. You can purchase them wholesale at Sam’s Club or Costco. Why not buy them now? Why not buy them on sale in normal times?If your goal is to trade, then buy now. Barter mishandles. It takes place when the department of labor has contracted. If we get to hyperinflation, which I doubt, we will be far much better off with consumer goods in reserve. We can quietly consume our stockpile, never calling attention to ourselves.When you go looking for products that can be purchased by gold coins but not paper money, you expose yourself. You must find a dependable seller of frantically required items. You will not find this individual on Craigslist. Would you react favorably to an ad that reveals this?”I can get you whatever you need for gold coins. Contact me today. “I believe I would avoid that offer.Barter is a limited market. That indicates that transaction expenses are high. That suggests losses

when compared to deals in typical times. Barter may pay better than not bartering, however not bartering is much better if you possess the durable goods that people are willing to pay gold to buy.What do you want to make with the gold? This circumstance should determine just how much gold you must own and in what form. GROCERIES I utilize this in the broadest sense: immediate durable goods. These are products that you should have. To get them, you need to pay.Think of bottles of water 2 hours prior to a set up hurricane strikes. The bottles will not be on supermarket racks. It will be unlawful for retailers to hike the costs of these items. It’s very first come-first served. Getting in line early pays. Waiting doesn’t. Most people wait.Get in line early.The financial conditions that would make food scarce are either local(hurricane)or disastrous(national ). There are situations in which catastrophe is possible. A lot of include plague. The current film”Contagion,” presents such a circumstance. It is possible; it is not most likely. A total failure of the banking system is

another. This would be a black swan occasion. If the banks decrease and stay down for 2 months, Western civilization collapses.

The death toll would

be enormous. Most people might not survive in such a situation. I do not believe it pays to prepare for such an event. The probability is too low, and so is your capability to endure for many years on end under such conditions.The terrific advantage of accumulating standard durable goods is that you can rotate them. You buy on sale. You use these goods to replace what you are taking in. You for that reason lower your cost of living by methods of bulk buying. This is excellent economics.

The fact that it functions as a cushion for a time of disturbances is gravy.Here is what might occur. You might lose your task. If you are in that kind of crises, you want a cushion. You will be utilizing money to pay on your home. Perhaps not even that. Possibly you pay the water costs and electricity. You dip into bank reserves. You see every cost.

That is when you begin consuming your reserves. This is not consuming your seed corn. This is residing on reserves that you developed for a time of crisis.I have a theory about the collapse. Cities will keep public utilities operating. They do not attempt let water and power go down for more than a week. The hazard of panic is too great. Even in Baghdad, there are rolling blackouts, not consistent blackouts. The city fathers understand what would happen if there were no public utilities for a month. People would begin leaving. The tax base would collapse.The people who have built their careers on getting chosen know what needs to be delivered by the state. They will allocate their money the manner in which anyone else that is purchasing something designates his money.

They are purchasing votes. You can be sure that they will not shut off the flow of funds to any sector of the economy that services the requirements of every voter in the city.A garden is a way to store up food. It is costly. Your time is valuable. But it has its own benefits. The food is much better in all aspects. It is there in an emergency. A garden does not identify anyone as a crackpot survivalist. It is a point of contact with next-door neighbors.

It is something that you can suggest to a neighbor as a method to minimize the vulnerability of the community in a crisis.I advise non-hybrid seeds. You can re-plant the seeds produced by these plants. They develop immunities to regional plant illness over several seasons. GUNS Guns are controversial. I do not think you need an arsenal. You require a couple of basic weapons and the training to master them. This poem understands across.A.45 for the bedroom, A shotgun over the door, A 30.06 for range, You don’t need any more.I would include a snub-nosed.357 for a girl’s bag. 2 shots will typically settle the concern. Either the assailant runs otherwise he can not run.You do not have to be a professional marksman. If you can hit a man-size target at 20 feet, you will do just fine.The concept that guns are needed for defense versus gangs is naïve. A gang that enters into your neighborhood to pillage is going to be better armed than the authorities. They will be bring automatic weapons. You will not win a shootout with an identified gang. The best you can expect is that the members decide that there are lower-risk victims nearby. A shotgun is your finest means of persuasion. There is nothing like the sound of a shotgun being racked to encourage someone that he has other urgent business elsewhere.You do not want to go outside your house to confront an armed gang. The weapons need to be defensive. You want the intruder to take the danger of coming through your door.

He needs to

bear the risk.I believe you should take a guns course from regional authorities. Get licensed. If there is a hidden carry license in your state, obtain it.The United States has a long tradition of gun ownership. I hope this will continue. Assistance for a company such as Weapon Owners of America makes sense.It’s not that you require weapons to keep law

enforcement officers away. That is suicidal. Guns are needed to send a message to the kinds of college-educated voters who prefer utilizing the

state to compel individuals to send to their social reform programs. It makes those people really nervous that there

are millions of gun owners out there. This is entirely positive.I think of the scene in The Day the Earth Stood Still, when the world comes to a halt. The professor, who knows why it has actually come to a stop, asks his secretary if this makes her worried. She says that it does.”That’s great, “he responds. If the state can eliminate our guns it is because we have actually moved past the climax politically. Owning a weapon affirms to yourself that you have still not crossed the line. In this sense, weapon ownership becomes part of favorable self-reinforcement. CONCLUSION The four G’s are important for decreasing our concern against unforeseen negative events. Instead of worrying about them, we take concrete actions to handle them. The majority of them will not occur. But if they do happen, we will be in a position to handle them in the short term. Any series of occasions that can not be dealt with by a two-month supply of food, water, and fundamental necessities will be so frustrating regarding make severe preparations problematical. Many people can not pay for extreme preparations. They will not make minimal preparations.If you are thorough about spending money and time sensibly in order to decrease your vulnerability to the unanticipated, that is sufficient. You can not afford to deal with every contingency. However you should handle those that might interrupt your life if you had made none.If you want to plan for a crisis, plan for unemployment for 6 months. That is frightening enough. __________________________________ Published on October 8, 2011. The original is here.

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