Should You Have a Drone for Security?

A couple of months ago while attending my daughter’s Saturday soccer game, I noticed a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) or Survivaldrone conducting a grid pattern over the field. It was silent and I don’t think anybody else for the most part even noticed it. They are that quiet and unobtrusive. The drone’s altitude was probably around 100 feet. I immediately looked around the field to find the “pilot” or controller and he was standing not twenty yards behind me sort of back in the shadows of a building.

The Use of Drones For Perimeter Security
I got out of my chair and approached him to ask out of sheer curiosity what he was doing. He “said” he was filming the game. I thought, hmmm. About that time he brought the craft into a landing at his feet just as an official from the city parks and recreation department and a policeman in tow came around the corner. Basically they told him to pack up his gear and leave. I don’t know the legals, but I overheard the conversation and he was told that flying a drone was not legal over city property. Like I say, I am not sure about what is legal in that regard. The man packed up and left.

Drones Going Public
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