Survival Radios for After the Collapse

If you are looking for some information about emergency radios with cranks you can refer to some wind up radio reviews on the internet. In the event of a power outage or natural disaster a crank emergency radios can be your next best friend allowing you to survive the great outdoors with your favorite talk show or important news bulletin. Though these radios are a bit outdated the fact that they use human energy has made it popular once again. They do not require electricity or batteries for working. They work with the help of an internal generator that is powered when the hand crank is wound. Full winding results in the charging the device for several hours. In the versions that are available these days the clock work function is replaced by batteries that are charged with the winding action.

The greatest advantage of using these radios is that you will not have to buy dozens of batteries for the radio. They can be taken to any location where there is no electricity. Even when you are dealing with a natural disaster or a power outage, these wind up radios help you to be connected to the outside world. There is a crank for generating power and most of these radios come with other power options like solar panel or a DC jack to charge the radio. Apart from listening to the radio the devices can be used for receiving weather alerts. They come with a flashlight too. You can also charge your cell phone and other electronic devices. The best wind up radios have short charge time, long run time, high durability, diverse features and multiple options for charging.


If you want to buy one of these radios you have to consider several factors. They include the features, durability, charge types, help and support. The most important aspect while buying any device is the features. So check the salient features of the radio before buying it. First see how long it takes to charge the battery. You should also be able to identify the duration of the charge. The unit should also have other features like a flashlight, clock, mobile siren, mobile charger and various other things. Check whether the unit is able to pick up signals from the local weather stations. (continue reading)

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