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Suspected Assassins of Haitian President Moïse Trained by U.S., Connected to Pro-Coup Oligarchy

Suspected Assassins of Haitian President Moïse Trained by U.S., Linked to Pro-Coup Oligarchy

As the examination into Moïse’s murder unfolds, the U.S. is preparing to deploy soldiers into Haiti for the 4th time in 106 years, at the demand of a figure it has invested years grooming.


As shock grips the Caribbean island nation of Haiti following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, the Haitian government has carried out a project to detain suspects it alleges are responsible for the murder.

Haitian Director of National Authorities Leon Charles revealed at an interview that the assassination squad that eliminated Moise is comprised of 28 immigrants, consisting of 2 Haitian-Americans and 26 Colombian nationals. Fifteen of those Colombians have actually been detained while three were killed in a gun fight and eight stay fugitives. Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano has admittedthat some of the Colombians are retired military workers. Among them are at least one extremely embellished soldier who received training from the United States and another who has been linked in the murder of Colombian civilians.

Ties to oligarchs

The Haitian-Americans have actually been determined as James Solages, 35, and Joseph Vincent, 55. Solages lives in Fort Lauderdale where he is the CEO of EJS Maintenance & Repair and runs a nonprofit group, the websiteof which has since been scrubbed of information. Prior to relocating to Florida, he lived in the southern Haitian seaside city of Jacmel.

Accordingto The Washington Post, Solages’ Facebook profile, which has considering that been gotten rid of, noted him as the chief leader of bodyguards for the Canadian Embassy in Haiti. The Canadaian Embassy validatedthat Solages previously worked as a security personnel. While in Florida, Solages was an “avid and vocal advocate of former President Michel Martelly,” the creator of Moïse’s Haitian Baldheaded Celebration (PHTK), according to Tony Jean-Thénor, leader of the Veye Yo popular organization in Miami, established by the late Father Gérard Jean-Juste.

James Solages Haiti

Pictures of James Solages and an armored military lorry that he posted

to hisnow-removed Facebook page The Haitian Times reported Solages likewise used to work as a security guard for both Reginald Boulos and Dimitri Vorbe, 2 popular members of Haiti’s small bourgeoisie. Although at first friendly to him, they both became bitter opponents of Moïse. Boulos was also a prominent fan of previous coups in 1991 and 2004 versus President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. The Boulos family is among the most affluent in Haiti and owns a pharmaceutical business that, in 1996, was accountable for poisoning scores of kids with its tainted fever medication, some fatally.

Given that the July 6-8, 2018 national uprising against the IMF-dictated hike of fuel prices, Boulos has actually tried to recast himself as a popular and progressive figure(after among his shops was burned and robbed), heading a political party called the Third Method Motion(MTV). Vorbe is the executive director and vice president of Société Générale d’Énergie SA, one of the biggest private energy business in Haiti which had a sweet-heart offer providing power to the energy grid that Moïse sought to renegotiate after the collapse of the PetroCaribe program, under which Venezuela provided Haiti with inexpensive oil and credit from 2008 to 2018. Lots of think Boulos is the intellectual author and financial backer of Moïse’s murder.

“Solage’s employment by Boulos and midpoint to the operation appears to confirm the growing popular consensus in Haiti that this controversial merchant-turned-politician was the primary backer of Moïse’s assassination,”discussed reporter Kim Ives, continuing: A great deal of factors have been indicating his involvement: The arrival of the mercenaries in 9 brand name new Nissan Patrol automobiles

without license plates suggests that they were lorries coming from the Nissan dealership owned by Reginald Boulos. The Haitian people have currently concluded that Boulous lagged the assassination and have actually dechoukéed [uprooted] the car dealership, Automeca, that he owned.” Colombian assassin trained by the U.S. While the Haitian-Americans reportedly worked as translators, the muscle of the assassination squad originated from Colombia, the U.S.’s leading regional ally, which serves as a platform for destabilization and routine modification plots in the area, from Venezuela to Ecuador– and now obviously Haiti. The most prominent member of the hit squad is Manuel Antonio Grosso Guarín, a 41-year-old previous unique operations commando who retired from the military

as a member of the Simón Bolívar No. 1 infantry battalion on December 31, 2019. According to the Colombian paper La Semana, Grosso”had numerous unique fight courses, had actually belonged to the unique forces and anti-guerrilla squads, and was understood for being a competent paratrooper who flew through the

air without worry.”< img src =" https://www.mintpressnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/AP21190012765143_edited.jpg"alt ="Haiti President Grosso"width= "599"height="399"/ > Grosso is visualized in the back(blue jeans)being moved following a press in Port-au-Prince, July 8, 2021. Joseph Odelyn|AP In 2013, Grosso was appointed to the Urban Anti-Terrorist Unique Force group, a deceptive elite military detachment committed to counter-terrorism operations and performing kidnappings and assassinations(euphemistically referred to as’ high value target acquisition and elimination’). This branch of the military is likewise entrusted with supplying security to VIP figures from the Colombian president to U.S. presidents Costs Clinton and George Bush. “He was one of the most ready,”

Haiti President Grosso

a source mentioned to La Semana. Among Grosso’s preparations was special command guideline from the United States military, which provides training and weapons to

the Colombia armed force, among the most repressive militaries in the area and one that works to safe and secure worldwide business interests and drug trafficking paths.”How many false positives(see the following paragraph), how many social leaders, how many signers of the peace treaty, will be on this man?”left-wing Colombian Senator Gustavo Bolivar discussed Twitter. #VerguenzaMundial Este es Manuel Antonio Grosso Guarín, uno de los exmilitares colombianos del equipo de mercenarios que según autoridades de Haití habría asesinado al Presidente de ese país. Pero la mala imagen de Colombia la generan los

escritores. pic.twitter.com/Cnrm85mNyS– Gustavo Bolívar (@GustavoBolivar)

July 9, 2021 Grosso was signed up with by FranciscoEladio UribeOchoa, who had actually retired from the Colombian Army in 2019, according to the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo. Eladio Uribe’s spouse told the newspaper that he had been investigated for participation in the execution of civilians– a practice called”incorrect positives ,”in which the Colombian military enticed a minimum of 6,402 civilians, killed them, and dressed them in guerrilla tiredness in order to inflate their kill numbers.

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