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Raising Fish for Food: A Guide to Live a More Sustainable Life

By Andrew J. / May 13, 2021

Sharing is caring! Fish are an excellent source of protein. However, raising them for food can be hard, and many people do not know how to do it appropriately. In this short article, we will take a look at the progression of aquaculture throughout history, as well as some manner ins which you can raise […]


Pepper Spray Laws – Montana

By Andrew J. / May 11, 2021

When it concerns pepper spray laws, Montana is among the friendliest locations there is. The state has vanishingly couple of if any restrictions concerning civilian acquisition, ownership, and usage of defensive sprays in self-defense. Civilians might select any typical non-injurious solution, and bring any quantity that suits their purposes. In addition, the purchasing of pepper […]


Where All The Fish Are Hiding (And Where They Definitely Aren’t)

By Michael B. / September 18, 2019

There are three requirements a body of water has to meet in order for it to be inhabitable for fish: food, oxygen, and cover. Luckily, most every river, lake, or pond meets those criteria, so wherever you are, you can be pretty certain they’re there. Now you just have to find them! Different kinds of […]


5 Ice Fishing Tips

By James A. / September 17, 2019

5 Ice Fishing Tips Ice fishing has been practiced for a very long time, and once you get good at it, it can yield great rewards. I’m going to teach you five ice fishing tips to make your experience more enjoyable and profitable. Before we get started, you should know that ice fishing is not […]


Choosing Your Perfect Saltwater Reel

By Michael B. / July 9, 2019

While saltwater fly fishing is all about getting good casts and the excitement of the fight, one of your most important purchases (aside from your rod) is the reel. Most reels used in this kind of ‘extreme’ fishing are single action reels. In this case, single action reels are a better fit than multiplier, as […]


Sharing Your Passion With Your Kids

By Andrew J. / April 9, 2019

Often times as adults, we want to share our hobbies and pastimes with our children. However, it can be difficult to decide when that pastime is appropriate. Children have shorter attention spans that make it difficult to calculate when they are ready for certain things. Fishing is a common hobby of many people around the […]


Catch and Release Fishing Like a Pro

By Michael B. / February 25, 2019

Fishing is a sport, but in recent decades it has become less about hunting for survival and more about entertainment. With the rising issue of fish becoming depleted, many anglers are now employing the practice of catch and release fishing. Catch and release fishing is great in theory, but many people are doing it incorrectly […]


How To Cut and Clean Your Fresh Caught Fish

By Andrew J. / February 12, 2019

These days, many cooks (professional and amateur) often avoid taking on fresh fish; the cleaning and filleting process is a little scary to them. Fortunately though, the process of cleaning and filleting fresh fish is relatively simple once the steps are understood.   To begin, you must clean your fresh fish properly in order to […]


How To Cook The Best Catch Of Your Life

By Andrew J. / December 8, 2018

A freshly caught fish can be cooked in a thousand and one ways. Many a serious fisherman will have his own unique way of cooking his freshly caught fish, but in case you’re new at this or you’re just burned out and looking for something new, here are some ideas to get the best out […]


A Beginner’s Guide To Fishing

By Andrew J. / November 30, 2018

If you are new to the fishing, you need to know some of the basic rules. Like other forms of hunting, fishing (which dates back almost 10,000 years) involves both your environment and those around you. Always be respectful of both. A number of various techniques and traditions have been used during fishing’s progression. Modern […]

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