The Best Get Out of Dodge Vehicle

While you may be preparing for the worst case scenario, it has already happened for many people across the world. The recent 7.5 earthquake in Nepal ravished the nation and left more than 8,000 dead in its wake, according to the Nepal Red Cross Society. While it is one of the worst natural disasters of the 21st century, it’s still only one of a long list in the past 15 years–Japan and Haiti also suffered massive earthquakes that killed thousands.

Closer to home, there are water shortages in California and political uncertainty throughout the United States. The recent social unrest between citizens and police in Ferguson and Baltimore sparked riots that caused both property damage and danger to the people of the city.

Although the right vehicle isn’t a guarantee that you will survive or escape every emergency situation, it can give you better odds in the worst case scenario. Whether you live in areas vulnerable to natural disasters, drought, or civil unrest, owning a proper vehicle is just one part of preparing for survival situations. (continue reading)

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