The Best Shotguns for Home Defense

Good Day to all of you guys and gals out there in Ready Nutrition Reader-land! Today we’re going to review JJ’s favorite shotguns to recommend for our prepper community. What good are all of your supplies if you can’t protect them from bears, burglars, or would-be marauders when a collapse occurs? The two models for discussion are able to be used for home defense and also to put meat on your table as hunting weapons.

The first thing I wish to do is clear up any misconceptions that shotguns are too powerful to be used by the ladies. On the contrary: a shotgun is exactly what the lady of the house needs when “homey the clown” and his gang want to climb in through the window. My wife weighs about “a buck twenty,” and you should see her with a 12 gauge!

The shotgun’s versatility lies in the fact that it is a smoothbore firearm that can take either shells (with lead or steel shot), or slugs (basically a big lead bullet). The shotgun gives home defense a whole new meaning and adds heavy firepower to the prepper’s arsenal. I recommend 12 gauges only. The reason for this is because you can use smaller shot shells for small game, such as pheasant, waterfowl, or quail while not sacrificing size when “homey” visits. (continue reading)

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