The Extreme and Deadly Risks We Face Are Many, and of Our Own Making

By: Gary D. Barnett

“The ideal topic of totalitarian rule is not the persuaded Nazi or the devoted communist, however individuals for whom the distinction between reality and fiction, real and incorrect, no longer exists.”

~ Hannah Arendt (1951) “The Origins of Totalitarianism”

It is never ever sufficient to put all blame on the gentility, regardless of the wicked present, unless one is innocent, informed, and powerless to safeguard and stand up for self and truth. So long as the commoner bows to power because he presumes that it might be of some good use, he has acquiesced his soul for an unsustainable and unwarranted self-interested objective. This attitude is not one of morality and proper purpose, however one of egocentrism, indifference, and greed. It is easy to lay blame at the feet of political leaders, up until one recognizes that autocrats could never endure and flourish without the approval of the governed. Accepting this legitimate reality can be the impetus for achieving a complimentary presence.

All that is going on today; the lockdowns, mask using, cold and uncaring distancing from family, friends, and society, self-imprisonment, deadly injections, security, censorship, financial destruction, and enormous constraints of life-sustaining activities, have actually all been voluntarily accepted. Does this mean that individuals themselves are at fault for the terrible scenarios that presently threaten them? It certainly does, but not in the sense that the masses prepared and wanted such a travesty, however in the way that all of this carnage was willingly allowed to occur, even in the face of severe challenge and suffering. It was produced by fear, and fear can be an extremely persuading tool in the quiver of autocrats when they seek to trick the herd into accepting overbearing and reliable rule in order to get what is falsely termed as ‘safety.’ This is the outcome of mass propaganda suggested to weaken the resolve of the lots of by deceiving them into submission, while the power brokers just stay in the shadows awaiting the voluntary surrender of their subjects.

Given this state of affairs, and comprehending the implications of these facts ought to strengthen the decision and guts of the basic population due to the fact that it is apparent that without the permission of individuals, none of this might continue to threaten our extremely presence. The American individuals in other words, hold all the real power to escape this tyranny, and just have to join to throw off the ‘claimed’ rulers. The idea of beating this manmade travesty is actually that basic, but the desire to execute this winning method is still doing not have amongst the public at large. The value of fighting back, and recovering flexibility is vital if any liberty is to be restored. Informing as many as is possible about the power they hold is essential in order to begin a fire in the stomaches of all those that have the most to lose. Those are you and me, and everyone you understand. All Americans are at great threat.

We remain in the midst of an aggressive attack on humankind itself. Each people at some point must accept the fact that without mass resistance, we will all be servants. This plain awareness is inevitable, and all that is required in order to stop this international reset is disobedience and non-compliance by large numbers.

Without that resistance, the possible, or more likely possible, terror that we will experience will be prevalent and all incorporating. The next planned and telegraphed major attack versus the people, the next “9/11′ type occasion if you will, in all likelihood, “will be an enormous cyber attack suggested to implode the entire financial system, and permit a federal government censoring and takeover of the web. This plot was developed in the near past, and has actually been openly simulated and the complete strategy released just a few months ago.” In addition, this occasion will be used to produce a national digital system, so that financial policy can be controlled at a national and then international level. Obviously, this will indicate a huge boost in surveillance and censorship, so that the mainstream story can be constantly pressed without any balancing out reality or analysis.

As I wrote recently:“An overall digital system is preferred by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF), together with the main banking cartel and its federal government and corporate partners, and the way forward with this scheme can only take place when the existing financial system is destroyed. Simply put, a brand-new monetary system has actually currently been created, and is all set to be executed after an economic collapse. Technocratic control is sought, and we are currently far into the plot to carry out a takeover of the whole financial system. The new and dictatorial web “Patriot Act” is already drafted, and will be presented nearly instantly following this staged cyber attack that makes certain to come.”

And this is only one part of this plot to globalize and reset our existing system. The resistance passport program will continue in earnest, and a number of methods could be used to impart much more worry in this society, consisting of targeted releases of bio-weapon innovation, more lethal impacts of injections, and deliberate killing in order to continue to get compliance. The fatal ‘vaccine’ program will likewise continue, and while many are properly rejecting this toxin today, the number of will line up when deaths start to stack up due to the already a great deal of residents that have taken this gene-altering, and lethal concoction that can be purposefully developed to ruin the natural human immune system?

In the interim, more anti-gun legislation, greater tax, and massive inflation will consume this society, triggering more joblessness, more bankruptcies, service closings, and poverty. All this will be utilized to annihilate this currently maimed economy and the weakened population will become even more depending on government. All in all, much more hell is coming, so unity among everybody is necessary if survival and liberty are desired.

America is no longer a house to free individuals, and has become the poster kid for nearly outright tyranny. The individual needs to as soon as again rule supreme, and stand in total defiance versus this nation state that looks for only to record and control the bodies and minds of the people in order to gain supremacy over all.

“Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, embraces as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and pleased to protect all its faults and follies tooth and nail, therefore compensating himself for his own inability.”

~ Arthur Schopenhauer (2007 ). “Parerga and Paralipomena: A Collection of Philosophical Essays”, p. 60, Cosimo, Inc.

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