U.S. And Its Allies Try to Split the World in Two

America is utilizing its post-WWII position of being the world’s hegemon, so as to force every other nation either to join them (as a banana republic or vassal nation) otherwise to become their enemy by damaging them.

America’s response to the increasing economic success of China and other nations that till current decades were impoverished former nests is to organize its own allies– especially the English-speaking nations– to end up being a totally separate global economic trading and military alliance standing against that “third world”– and thereby force all non-lined up nations to need to either choose to be allied with the United States or else end up being conquered by the U.S. and its allies. It’s “United States,” or “Them,” all the method. The leading “opponents” (the “Them”) are the same nations that America and its allies were against during the anti-communist Cold War, Russia and China, although Russia is no longer communist, and China has ended up being a mixture between communism and industrialism.

America has on its side Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, UAE, and all 4 of the fascist nations during World War II: Germany, Japan, Italy, and Spain– along with many other nations.

Russia and China were both allies of the United States during the war versus Hitler and his allies, but Franklin Delano Roosevelt had to fight against significant American support for the fascist powers (overwhelmingly coming from Republicans) throughout the years prior to Japan’s Pearl Harbor attack on 7 December 1941. (In reality, on 23 November 1937, Hitler’s agents Kurt von Tippleskirch and Manfred von Killinger, two Barons, were privately negotiating with top Republicans– including the racist Irénée du Pont— what would have been the Duponts’ 2nd coup-attempt versus FDR, but neither effort was successful.) As quickly as Harry S. Truman (whom the Democratic Party’s billionaires selected to be FDR’s VP in 1944) ended up being President on FDR’s death on 12 April 1945, the alliance with the Soviet Union ended, and the Cold War gelled in Truman’s mind on 25 July 1945 since of advice from General Dwight Eisenhower, whom Truman almost worshipped. On 19 June 1945, Truman wrote to his partner, Bess, “He’s done a whale of a job. They are running him for President, which is O.K. with me. I ‘d turn it over to him now if I could.” And, on 25 July 1945, Ike told Truman that either the Soviet Union would conquer the world or else America would— and this apparently convinced Truman to go for global empire and to dominate the Soviet Union.

America’s increasingly used method for conquest is the technique that was first done against Iraq starting in 1991: global sanctions, followed by coup-attempts that, if not successful, are then followed by a straight-out military intrusion– with or without U.N. approval. More just recently, this step-by-step technique (sanctions, stopped working coup, then invasion) is being utilized against Syria, but America no longer uses its own soldiers for its intrusions, and instead uses employed proxy-forces (mercenaries), such as, in Syria, jihadists who are employed from worldwide and paid for by the Sauds, and also uses separatist Kurds are hired who have long wished to break away from Iraq, Syria, and Turkey in order to establish their own Kurdistan country, and who are controlled more directly from Washington (because the Sauds don’t manage Kurdish forces). America’s soldiers in Syria train and arm (normally with cash being provided by the royal families of Saudi Arabia and Qatar) the jihadists (who are Al Qaeda-affiliated) and the Kurds.

Right now, America is using its post-WWII position of being the world’s hegemon or worldwide dominant nation, so as to, generally, compel every other country either to join them (as a banana republic or vassal country) otherwise to become their opponent by damaging them, as Washington and its allies have done to Syrians, Yemenis, Palestinians, Ukrainians, Venezuelans, Bolivians, Ecuadorans, and, prior to that, Hondurans, Guatemalans, El Salvadorans, Argentinians, Chileans, Iranians, and many others in what Washington calls “The Free World.” Ideology is no longer the reason. Now the reasons are “democracy,” “human rights,” “combating versus corruption,” and, naturally “national defense” (which also was Hitler’s primary reason).

To put it simply: America is attempting to do whatever it can to avoid becoming devalued to become the world’s # 2 nation, in regards to power. America’s billionaires are behind this; America’s Federal government is controlled by them.

The best single declaration of America’s position is the speech that Barack Obama gave to the finishing cadets at West Point Military College on 28 May 2014, stating:

The United States is and remains the one important country. That has actually been true for the century passed and it will be true for the century to come. … Russia’s aggression toward previous Soviet states unnerves capitals in Europe, while China’s economic increase and military reach frets its next-door neighbors. From Brazil to India, rising middle classes compete with us, and governments seek a greater say in worldwide forums. … It will be your generation’s job to react to this brand-new world.

America “reacts” to the increasing power of countries that formerly had actually been nests, by means of using them this option: Join with us, or else be damaged.

As the U.S. Establishment presents and promotes this, it is ‘justified’ since only America is “vital”: all other countries are “dispensable.” (Hitler, too, felt that method about all other countries– and most Germans endorsed that supremacism then, much like many Americans support it today.) FDR had planned a non-fascist future for the world, however then he passed away and (due to the fact that of whom FDR’s follower was) we got a fascist future, instead, which’s what we have. Mussolini called fascism “corporationism.” And America is increasingly more corporationist every years that passes.

Under the bigoted Hindu-nationalist Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India is now clearly part of the U.S.-UK-led alliance. On 4 March 2021, Munira Lokhandwala headlined “Google Invests Billions in India as Modi and Allies Stage Corporate Takeover of Agriculture” and reported that

In particular, Google’s multi-billion dollar financial investment in the telecommunications business owned by oil and gas billionaire Mukesh Ambani shows how US Big Tech will stop at nothing to make a bigger profit, even if this includes legitimizing a crucial supporter of the authoritarian-leaning government that is now a target of mass revolt. Ambani is India’s wealthiest male and a strong business ally to BJP leadership, viewed by lots of as a significant recipient of the hated agricultural reforms.

In September 2020, the Indian Parliament authorized the Indian Farming Acts of 2020, likewise referred to as the “Farm Expenses.” In reaction, Indian farmers who opposed these bills released one of the biggest protests and series of cross-sectoral strikes that the world has actually ever seen.

It’s estimated that over 250 million individuals have participated in protests against the passage of these expenses that Indian farmers see as another stage in the continued attack on their livelihoods and an attempt to deregulate the farming market to permit greater private-sector control of food circulation. These changes would prefer big corporations like Ambani’s Reliance Industries, who would prosper under the free enterprise conditions that these Farm Bills would develop.

India, in the Rhodesist strategy, would be a major counter-weight to China.

Japan is another. On 23 April 2021, Craig Mark bannered “From 5 Eyes To Six? Japan’s Push To Join The West’s Intelligence Alliance”, and he reported that

As tensions with China continue to grow, Japan is making transfer to join the “5 Eyes” intelligence-sharing alliance. This week, Japan’s ambassador to Australia, Shingo Yamagami, told The Sydney Early Morning Herald he was “positive” about his nation coming on board.” [I] wish to see this idea ended up being truth in the future.”

This comes as New Zealand voices its issues over using the Five Eyes procedure to pressure China.

What is this spy alliance? And what are the advantages and threats to bringing Japan on board?

What is the Five Eyes?

Beginning as an intelligence exchange contract between the United States and UK in 1943, it formally ended up being the UKUSA Arrangement in 1946. The arrangement then extended to Canada in 1948, and Australia and New Zealand in 1956.

UK has gotten Japan’s Ambassador to Australia to assist Australia to press progressive New Zealand to remain in the Rhodesist alliance and thus assist to bring Japan into the Rhodesist core as being the first-ever non-English-speaking country to be admitted into the Rhodes-core (and therefore turn the “Five Eyes” into six). That would attain what David Rockefeller and his sidekick Zbig Brzezinski (who was a member of Poland’s nobility) had actually been trying to do by means of their Trilateral Commission, which was intended to broaden beyond the Bilderberg group of NATO nations so regarding consist of likewise Japan.

On 30 April 2021, the geostrategic analyst Alexander Mercouris headlined a video “Blinken Goes To Ukraine With A Tough Message For Zelensky” and described that due to the fact that Putin recently developed “red lines” that would provoke a direct military dispute between Russia and the United States if broken by the U.S., Biden has actually refocused America’s leading target to be dominated as being no longer Russia however rather now China. Mercouris says that Ukraine’s U.S.-stooge President Volodmyr Zelensky will probably now be required to stop threatening to get into the breakaway previously Ukrainian Donbas area.

Nevertheless, whereas the U.S. upper class’s main medium-term goal is to keep control over Ukraine so regarding end up being allowed to blitz-launch rockets from there to get rid of Moscow’s capability to strike back against America’s first-strike hit (the U.S. alliance’s upgraded version of the Nazis’ Operation Barbarossa), the UK’s primary medium-term goal is for the U.S.-UK-Saud-Qatar alliance to arm and train jihadists and separatist Kurds to dominate Syria so that the Sauds will manage that country. The long-lasting objective, both of America’s and UK’s aristocrats, is their shared dictatorship over all countries.

On 30 April 2021, the worldwide investigative reporter Finian Cunningham interviewed at Strategic Culture the former UK Ambassador to Syria, the astoundingly courageous Peter Ford, and headlined “Syria Program Modification Still on Western Program– Ex-Ambassador Peter Ford”. This whistleblowing former UK Ambassador opened his comments by saying:

The Western powers are like pet dogs with an old bone on the subject of alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria. There is no meat on it however they continue to munch away. Why? Because the trope that “Assad gasses his own people” has actually become a cornerstone of the entire Western propaganda narrative on Syria. Without it, validating the harsh economic war on Syria, mostly through sanctions, would be harder to justify. And with military efforts at program modification having actually stopped working, financial warfare is now the last hope for the Western powers of destabilizing Syria enough to fall the government. For this method to work the Western powers are more than ready to undermine the trustworthiness of the OPCW by abusing their capability to control it in the Syrian context.

The interview closed with:

Question: Finally, Syria is holding governmental elections on May 26 in which incumbent Bashar al-Assad is running for re-election. The Western powers disparage Syria as an “undemocratic program”. How do you see Syria’s polity? Is Assad most likely to win re-election?

Peter Ford: Naturally Assad will win and obviously the Western powers will attempt to disparage his success. However I can state with certainty that if you might provide the Conservative party in Britain a guarantee of accomplishing in the next general election anything anywhere near Assad’s authentic level of support, albeit some of it reluctant from a war-weary individuals, the Tories would bite your hand off for such an electoral gain. Much of the existing Western propaganda effort versus Syria is tailored at attempting to spoil Assad’s victory and reject it legitimacy. But inside Syria itself, the people will see the election as setting the seal on 10 years of battle, and Assad will emerge enhanced as he faces the next phase in the Western war on Syria.

In addition, just the same as the U.S. and their allies were funding, training, and arming jihadists (technically called “Salafist Muslims”) in order to produce regime-change in Syria, they’re doing the extremely same thing in order to produce regime-change in China– in that instance by propagandizing ‘human rights’ for Uyghur Chinese who have been indoctrinated with the Sauds’ extremist-Sunni variation of the Islamic faith (Salafism). (Many of those Salafists, due to the fact that of their Turkic culture, have recently ended up being more favorable to Turkey than to Saudi Arabia, and for that reason on 18 July 2019, Reuters headlined “Saudi Arabia safeguards letter backing China’s Xinjiang policy”, and reported that the Sauds “protected signing a letter along with 36 other nations in assistance of China’s policies in its western region of Xinjiang, where the United Nations says a minimum of 1 million ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims have actually been detained.” The U.S. and UK were now backing pro-Turkish jihadists, instead of pro-Saudi ones. Turkey is a NATO country; and, so, the Rhodesists do not care which brand of jihad they are backing in order to separate, or bring regime-change to, China.)

So, even if the U.S. routine might be putting Ukraine onto the back burner, the UK program, obviously, is unwilling to place the conquest of Syria onto its back burner. And, for both American billionaires and UK billionaires, China is unrelentingly in the gunsights of both aristocracies, to conquer. In fact, on 10 April 2021, Strategic Culture provided an editorial, “Ukraine, Taiwan … Two-Prong U.S. Aggression Towards Russia, China”, which kept in mind:

Biden is advancing the same policy under the previous Trump and Obama administrations of military accumulation near China’s territory. Today saw the fourth U.S. guided-missile destroyer passing through the Taiwan Strait since Biden took workplace. That narrow sea separates the breakaway island from China’s mainland. Beijing has sovereign territorial claim to Taiwan which is recognized by the large majority of nations, consisting of up until recently the United States under its so-called “One China” policy. Biden, like his predecessor Donald Trump, is intentionally wearing down the One China policy by sending delegates to the island on main check outs, increasing weapons sales and most provocatively revealing declarations that the U.S. will “defend” Taiwan in the event of “an invasion” by Chinese forces.

Similar to the Ukraine, the Biden administration’s rhetoric and conduct is serving to sustain an ever-more intriguing position by the Taiwanese leaders. Today, a senior main alerted that the island’s forces would shoot down Chinese airplane that approach the area. This is nothing but an ostentatious obstacle to China’s territorial stability and sovereignty. As when it comes to the Ukraine and Russia, it is Washington’s words and actions that are inflaming the stress in between Taiwan and China. Yet the Americans implicate others of “aggressiveness” and claim to be providing “defense”.

The only entity that might potentially stop all this would be the U.S.-created European Union. Either they will turn against their creator, and accompany Russia and China against U.S. and UK (which would put an end to the Rhodesist team’s insanity), or there will be World War III (though probably not in the near-term future), in which the U.S. regime will blitz-nuclear attack Russia, though that would ruin the planet.

If the EU does break away from the U.S., then it will also be able to move the U.N. out of NYC to Europe and reform the U.N. in what had actually been its developer’s, FDR’s, intent, that the U.N. end up being the democratic global federation of countries managing all nuclear and other geostrategic weapons and forces, which works as the sole and reliable executive, legal, and judicial, authority for all international-relations issues throughout the world, the democratic federal world government. That’s what Truman and Churchill avoided, and what would produce a world that will have no future world wars, no future wars in between empires, due to the fact that there would no longer be any empires, nor any imperialism.

Either there will be FDR’s objective, or there will be nuclear annihilation. The EU will decide. For the EU to impose FDR’s intent would be for the EU to turn against its creator, which was Truman and all subsequent U.S. Presidents (and their Congresses, which similarly have been managed by America’s billionaires). However, a likelier alternative would be for some countries to do as UK did and break away from the EU, but for them to do it as UK did not, to realign themselves with Russia, China, and Iran, and far from the U.S. That, too, might avoid WWIII and allow the U.N. to be reformed as FDR had actually been intending it to be: as the global democratic federal republic and sole source and judge and enforcer of global laws– the post-imperialist world, which FDR had planned for. If FDR’s plan doesn’t take place, then WWIII will take place, and this was the reason that he had been planning the U.N. as he did. But as quickly as he died, on 12 April 1945, the billionaires’ representatives dealt with Truman, who finally, on 25 July 1945 (based upon General Eisenhower’s advice), chose to go for America’s worldwide conquest; and, so, the continuous string of subversions, coups, and intrusions, by the U.S. (the permanent-warfare state), started. The first coup was 1948 in Thailand, in order to set up rulers who would let the OSS-CIA skim from the international narcotics traffic so as to provide the required off-the-books funding for the CIA’s Unique Operations.

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