Breaking and Entering in a Post Apocalyptic Lawless World

Breaking into places will be a valuable skill when SHTF. Almost everything valuable in an urban environment is either locked up or behind a locked door. When considering ways to gain access into secure areas, many people think of picking a lock as the method of choice, but the only occasion when this is truly the case is when your overriding concern is not to leave evidence at the scene. There is a whole array of techniques available; some practical methods are discussed below.

Sneaking into a Secure Location

Picking a Lock

The other advantage of lock picking — besides the fact that it leaves no evidence — is the ability to maintain quiet while you pick at the lock. The great disadvantage of this method is the considerable amount of time it takes, so practice is essential if you want to gain the expertise to pick a lock swiftly. Using an object, such as metal paper clip, to pick a lock takes even more skill, so it requires even more practice.

Ramming a Door

Some security experts put ramming at the top of the list when considering access methods of choice to enter through a door. The general public tends to consider a door secured when they have placed the latest high-tech lock on it; most people don’t realize that a secure lock doesn’t represent a real obstacle if, as in the case nine times out of ten, the door happens to be attached to an ordinary door frame which was not built to handle much stress.

If you’re going to enter by ramming, use your shoulder, aiming for the center of the door. This is preferable to any attempt to enter by kicking the door down, because your shoulder gives a stronger blow than your foot can, and also using your shoulder allows you to hold onto the doorknob during the action, thus keeping control and allowing you to make a much quieter entry.

If your first attempt at ramming with your shoulder doesn’t work, then, as we’ve seen in the movies, get a running start. Take care, though, you can end up dislocating your shoulder. It should also be advised that if you weight under 140 lbs… this method probably isn’t for you.

Prying a Door Open

An ordinary door attached to a weak frame is, as in the case of ramming, not very resistant to prying. The most recommended tool for this job would be a pry bar or a crowbar, but big screwdrivers or tire irons are a good alternative; actually, any object that is built strong and has a flat side on one end will work just fine.

Unlocking a Door from the Outside

To understand this method, picture yourself standing outside a door that has a built-in window. (continue reading)

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