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Trying to Add Juice to Your Long Term Storage?

By jeffc / April 12, 2021

We make use of juices for all kinds of things in the cooking area. From using as a base for sauces to adding to smoothie mixes, juice has a great deal to provide. While numerous may think of juice as just something that you buy and take in really swiftly, the truth is that there […]


More valuable than gold in a crisis

By jeffc / March 31, 2021

For a limited time, Tactical2Day is offering a few lucky gun owners a chance to win $2000 worth of ammunition… totally free. All you have to do is sign up. No gimmicks, no strings attached, no BS We all know ammo is in demand and hard to find under the new regime….. You’d be making […]


Vaseline: The Surprising Super Supply

By / October 23, 2020

In the latest video, James goes over all the different ways Vaseline will be one of the most valuable (and cost-effective) additions to your survival kit.


Everything You Need In A Roadside Emergency Kit

By / September 14, 2019

Everyone’s been there- it’s a long day, all you want to do is get home and unwind, and out of no where something goes wrong; a pothole, a flat tire, a dead battery. Your night is ruined. But it doesn’t have to be. If you follow this guide and prepare yourself for every possible scenario, […]


The 12 Hygiene Items Every Prepper Has Stockpiled

By / September 2, 2019

During a crisis, several problems could arise as far as personal hygiene goes. Should there be a natural disaster such as a flood or earthquake, there is a very real possibility that the roads may be impassable. Getting to a store will be difficult, and on the chance you do get there, you’ll likely find […]


Preparing A Children’s First Aid Kit

By / March 27, 2019

This article will be extremely helpful for preppers who have children. Even if you don’t have any, it really doesn’t hurt to have a child-oriented first aid kit ready. You’d be shocked to discover how ill-prepared most people are. During an emergency, you may have neighbors or relatives with kids. They may be desperate for […]


New ‘Death From Above’ Personal Defense Option

By jeffc / January 21, 2019

I’m sure you’ve noticed the uptick in violence lately.  Antifa and others are on the Left are growing increasingly confident and violent, and with a crumbling stock market and rising interest rates, there are likey to be more people joining their ranks. In fact, we’re seeing a preview of our own future here in the […]


FREE Tactical Flashlight

By jeffc / January 21, 2019

I try to keep emergency, first aid and ‘go bag’ supplies in my home, office and in each vehicle in the family, and one of the most critical items in the stash is a tactical flashlight.  I’m sure you’ve seen these gadgets advertised heavily on Facebook and the internet lately, and they can get pricey.  […]


One Prepper Tool “Too Powerful” for Most Men

By jeffc / November 27, 2018

The rise in violence from the Left has had me evaluating more self-defense options for myself and my family.  I ran a few ideas by a cop buddy of mine and he warned me that his new tool is too powerful for most men. He only carries it off-duty because it’s not yet approved for […]

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