The 12 Hygiene Items Every Prepper Has Stockpiled

During a crisis, several problems could arise as far as personal hygiene goes. Should there be a natural disaster such as a flood or earthquake, there is a very real possibility that the roads may be impassable. Getting to a store will be difficult, and on the chance you do get there, you’ll likely find it destroyed the disaster itself or raided by scavengers.

In a situation like that, having sufficient supplies for your hygiene needs is about more than just your health and well-being, it’s also a form of stress relief. No matter the situation, knowing that you have the basic creature comforts such as toilet paper, wet wipes, mouthwash, etc. will help to ease your mind.

Below you’ll find a list of products that you should store in case of a crisis. Most of these items last for a while, so it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle as far as rotating your supplies go.

  1. Toothbrushes: One for each family member. You may want to keep a few extras in case you end up with more people than expected.
  2. Toothpaste: One big tube for each adult, one regular sized tube for each child.
  3. Mouthwash and Dental Floss
  4. Toilet Paper: Eight week supply.
  5. Bar Soap: It’s better to use bar soap when you’re trying to conserve; liquid soap runs out much quicker.
  6. Antibacterial Wet Wipes: Three-four week supply.
  7. Shampoo: One-two month supply.
  8. Hand Moisturizer and Hand Sanitizer
  9. Sanitary Pads: This is one of the items that will always come in handy. If someone is wounded, sanitary pads can be used as improvised dressing to stanch the bleeding. That said, women may want enough of a supply to last them anywhere from three to four months.
  10. Towels: Water shortages aren’t uncommon in crisis situations, so there may come a time when wet towels are the only option you have for cleaning up. That said, make sure to have sufficient towels (of varying sizes) for each member of your family.
  11. Portable Toilet: In the event you run out of water to flush your toilet, you can use a portable toilet that uses disposable waste bags. That will make clean up significantly easier and more sanitary.
  12. Q-tips and Nail Clippers: Nail clippers may seem a little unnecessary necessary, but all kinds of germs and bacteria collect underneath long nails. Short nails are safer and more sanitary for a number of reasons. 

Store as much of these items as space will allow. While it’s unlikely you’ll ever find yourself with too many supplies, you can always barter any extras for items that you may need. There will ALWAYS be a demand for hygiene products. As a savvy prepper, you’ll understand the value in having these items on hand.

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