Dealing With the Shame of Being a Prepper

Truth be told, I’m more than a little fed up.

I’m a blogger. And I blog about survival, preparedness, and gear.

But when I tell people this, I get glazed eyes and blatant disinterest.

I start by saying I’m a blogger, and while there used to be a stigma around that statement alone, I find the negative stigma around blogging for a living has been dissipating in recent years – at least a little bit. When I tell people what I do, some even begin to get a touch excited, curious to learn more about my “odd” job.

I wish things were the same when I then went on to specify which industry I blog in.

It’s depressing: survivalism is cool shit! Anyone who watches Castaway, Unbroken, or even the first few episodes of Dual Survival should plainly see that.

And prepping is something that I feel absolutely everyone with any true concern about their future will naturally do, whether or not they call themselves preppers. It’s not particularly a “cool” thing to be interested in, at least in my opinion; prepping is just a particularly important thing to do.

So it drives me absolutely mad when I get hit with the glazed eye look – where the individual in question is ultimately doing their very best not to obnoxiously glare at you with an almost palpable degree of cynical judgement – and a low pitched, “Oh…,” to signify that the conversation is now over and all intrigue has been killed off because… My god – you’re a prepper?! You must be crazy.

Drives. Me. Nuts. (continue reading)

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