[Declassified] “Special Forces Lightsaber” BANNED in 4 States already

Our newest survival tool has been banned!
BANNED in certain parts of New Jersey!
BANNED in certain towns in Maryland!
RESTRICTED use in parts of Missouri!
RESTRICTED use in parts of Wisconsin!

Perhaps they’ll ban it in your state next?

Could this be the reason our top-selling survival tool was banned?

Make no mistake about it.

We introduced this groundbreaking tool for one reason, and one reason only.

To give you a legal and devastating way to protect yourself from violent threats…

As well as to increase your odds of crisis survival.

Now the government’s on a mission to strip you of your constitutional right to self defense.

The good news is most Americans are still allowed to own this tool.

And if you get it now, they can’t take it from you.

Click here to get yours now!

Stay safe!

Survival Dad

P.S.   It should make you angrier than a hornet the government would do this to you. Fight for what’s right!
Get yours today…before it’s illegal to buy them.

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