Grid Down + Flooding = Misery and Death

It’s 12:30pm on Saturday the 15th of September and I’m writing to you from Uptown in Charlotte, North Carolina.  More than 1 million people in this state have no electricity and are simultaneously bearing the brunt of what is left of Hurricane Florence.

What we thought was going to be a fierce hurricane with 130mph winds has instead turned into a slow moving torrential rainstorm.  In some cases, that’s worse, because the emergency is going to be prolonged; Florence is now moving at just 2mph, which means that the areas under her wrath are experiencing extreme flooding…and will for another week.

Imagine having taken all the right precautions, prepared your home with diligence and now you have no power and the waters are rising around your home.

I’ve taken precautions; I’m on high ground and I have multiple backup generators to run the important stuff.  I’m prepared to defend myself, if necessary, and I have mapped multiple escape routes.  All this comes naturally for me now.

I believe God permits these ‘little’ emergencies for us as a sort of forewarning, and as an opportunity to prepare for the ‘big one’.  I don’t mean to downplay the suffering of more than 1 million of our fellow citizens in North Carolina right now, but let’s face it….we all know there are terrible times ahead.  These days are an opportunity for us to gird our loins and get our houses in order.

If you have not yet taken steps to prepare your home for the inevitable grid-down situations, I strongly encourage you to develop a discreet, quiet, renewable energy source so you’ll be able to charge a phone, make coffee, run a fan and keep food cold in a crisis.

The folks in NC had almost a week to prepare-and still most of them are sweating in their homes right now surrounded by rising waters and nothing to rely on but their prayers.

Prayer is great, but I’ve always believed we should pray like it’s all up to God and work like it’s all up to us.  Check out this solar powered generator here.

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