How to Decide When to Leave

Consider this. An elderly couple once sought my advice about funding their retirement lifestyle. They asked how much money they could take out of their savings to live on.

My response: “How long do you plan to live?” Retirees have to make sure they don’t outlive their savings.

The same principle applies to prepping. Many of us have common questions. How many months of food storage do I need? How many days should my bug out bag sustain me? How much medicine must I store? The answer to these and similar preparedness questions is similar to the advice to retirees. How long do you plan on living?

In my opinion, a committed prepper is prepared for all contingencies. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Simple, right? If you believe our country could face any number of potential TEOTWAKI events then you should identify your bug-out location now and move there! Are the conveniences of the city or the extra money a certain job may provide you worth risking your life and the lives of your loved ones?

That said, there are many preppers who will not follow this advice. For a starting point, lets address the prepper’s conundrum: (continue reading)

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