Hunter: ‘Brave’ to Offer ‘Art’ to ‘Anonymous’ Investors for $500,000

Hunter Biden declared Thursday it is “bold” to sell “art” to “confidential” financiers for $500,000.

“Criticism of sharing your art to a wider audience than your family and friends is, ahhh, you know, and a minimum of in my book, it’s, ahhh, a quite bold thing to do,” he claimed.

“Definitely,” one host of Nota Bene Podcast validated.

“I think, ummm, when I really think of it, and I wish other individuals would sort of believe if I was gon na pick something, ummm, to end up being an artist, and, ummmm, and subject yourself to [criticism], ahhh [isn’t] regular,” Hunter looked for the best words.

“That’s what it’s about,” Hunter continued. “Is to have the nerve to kinda go out there and do that, and, you understand, I could simply stay my studio and paint for myself, and, ahhh, and, and, and I ultimately do that.”

“But it’s sort of, ummm, exciting to know that there’s audience, and for that audience to be able to have their own analysis of what your painting means to them,” he stated. “I believe it’s a fantastic thing for an artist.”

Hunter went on to say that “all excellent, fantastic art, truly great art is political in nature, in some methods” before dismissing his father’s position as President of the United States.

“And I do not sense [that] about the politics my dad is associated with,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Hunter is slated to host two art shows this fall with an art dealer which has strong ties to communist China, while his father acted as vice president– making dealswith Chinese officials and cashingin 10s of countless dollars monthly serving on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian oligarch-owned oil and gas company, despite having no experience in the energy sector.

Art critics, CNN, and political leaders have actually stated they are concerned about Hunter’s “grift.”

Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) presented legislation Wednesday to obstruct the “shameless grift” of selling “art” to “confidential” investors.

But White House press secretary Jen Psaki has declaredHunter’s meeting with prospective “anonymous” art purchasers is “affordable” which Hunter “is not associated with the sale or conversations about the sale of his art,” and that Hunter will not be “notified” of “who is acquiring his art.”

Psaki, nevertheless, might not recognize any “treatments” to guarantee Hunter Biden’s “art” sales to “anonymous” financiers were ethical.

Breitbart News senior factor and Profiles in Corruptionauthor Peter Schweizer, however, toldBreitbart News the proposal as an entirely “ridiculous” solution.

“Their solution of transparency is to in fact hide who is participated in the transaction. It’s ludicrous,” he said.

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