It’s 9F and The Power Is Out

January 31, 2019
Nashville, TN

I hope you’re enjoying your portion of global warming this morning.  It’s 19F here in Nashville, but as I look at the weather map and think of friends and fellow preppers in northern Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin…I don’t know how you all do it.

One reader wrote me on Facebook and said, “I thought I’d prepped for everything, but it’s 9 degrees outside and the power is out”.  Apparently they’d gotten an ice storm BEFORE it snowed, and then the temperature dropped further.  The weight caused some power lines to break, and the electric company is not responding because of the ‘danger to our personnel’.

Think about that.  It’s too dangerous for them to provide the service you pay for, but it’s not too dangerous for you to survive without electricity.

This is America in 2019.  As the Governor of Kentucky said this morning, “We’ve gotten soft as a country when schools close because it’s cold”.

We’re seeing how cultural Marxism is influencing everything in our society.  It’s not just the radical left wing politics, the infanticide masquerading as abortion, the euthanizing of the old, sick and young, but it’s affecting our very notion of good vs evil, right and wrong, duty and obligation. 

Everything has been turned upside down.

So much so that the police don’t have an obligation to protect you and the government utility company you pay for electricity doesn’t have an obligation to provide you electricity when it’s cold.

We can rant about this and be angry, or we can do something.  And no, I don’t mean a revolution, I mean, we can reasonably forsee these kinds of things and prepare.

So how do you prepare for 9F and no electricity?

Obviously you can have a wood stove and plenty of firewood.  That’s basic, proven and relatively inexpensive.  There’s something special about huddling around stove, watching the flames dance and reading a good book by candlelight.

You could have a gas, diesel or propane generator on standby, but what happens when the fuel runs out?  You might be thinking, “Just make sure you have enough stored”, but that’s easier said than done.  How many tanks are you going to keep topped off all winter?  And when you DO run out, is the delivery truck driver going to say “It’s too cold” in the same way the electric company does?

That’s why I rely on solar powered generators.  They’re quiet, so I’m not attracting attention to myself.  They’re portable, so I can use them at my home or at the retreat.  Of course, they’re solar powered, so as long as the sun comes up in the morning (even if it’s cloudy), there’s a free, unlimited power source available to me.  

I get my solar power generators from 4Patriots, and I called Frank this morning to ask him if he’d give my readers a deal.  He was a little grumpy (trying to keep chickens and rabbits alive in this temperature is an ordeal), but when I told him the story of my reader dealing with 9F temps and no electricity, he relented.

He’s cut the price of solar powered generators by 50% today.  If they prompt you for a discount code, enter ‘Survival Dad’
Check it out and get yours now!

Stay warm!

Survival Dad

P.S.   One more thing…Frank backs these generators with a one year, no questions asked money back guarantee.  If you’re not happy with it, return it for a full refund.  But, you’re going to be happy about it, and being able to run the lights and keep your phone charged when the local monopolistic utility company won’t help you….that’s a great feeling.  Get yours today.

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