MSM Wastes No Time At All Using Senate UFO Report to Promote Arms Race


The New York City Timeshas published a short articleon the contents of the fiercely expected United States government report on UFOs, as per usual based upon declarations of anonymous authorities, and according to usual promoting stories that are practical for imperialists and war profiteers.

Together with one voice, the confidential United States officials and the “paper of record” which is expected to inspect United States officials guarantee us definitively that the mysterious aerial phenomena that have apparently been experienced by military workers are certainly not any type of secret United States innovation, but might totally be aliens and could certainlybe a sign that the Russians or Chinese have severely lapped America’s delayed military development.

“The report determines that a large bulk of more than 120 occurrences over the previous two decades did not stem from any American military or other sophisticated U.S. government technology,” NYT was apparently informed by the officials. “That decision would appear to eliminate the possibility that Navy pilots who reported seeing unexplained aircraft might have encountered programs the government implied to keep secret.”

Oh well if the United States government has eliminated secret US federal government weaponry programs, hot damn that’s excellent enough for me. Great journalism you men.

“Intelligence officials think a minimum of some of the aerial phenomena could have been speculative innovation from a competing power, most likely Russia or China,” the Timesreports. “One senior official informed on the intelligence said without doubt that U.S. authorities knew it was not American technology. He said there was concern among intelligence and military authorities that China or Russia could be explore hypersonic innovation.”

“Russia has been investing heavily in hypersonics, thinking the innovation uses it the capability to evade American missile-defense innovation,” NYT adds. “China has actually also established hypersonic weaponry, and included it in military parades. If the phenomena were Chinese or Russian airplane, authorities stated, that would suggest the two powers’ hypersonic research study had actually far surpassed American military development.”

The post goes on to explain how the United States armed force have been “uncertain” by airplane moving and acting in ways known technologies can not explain. The ramification of scary foreign enemies having “outmatched American military development” to such an extent is of course that the US military is going to require a far bigger budget plan with much more extensive weapons development.

This would be the very same New York Timesthat has consistently supportedall of the US military’s devastating acts of mass murder worldwide, by the way.

This won’t be the last time we hear the imperial media cautioning us that UFOs might suggest a frightening space in innovation leaving the US helpless versus much more powerful foreign opponents, and they have actually currently been priming us for it. Republican Rachel Maddowaka Tucker Carlson has actually been shrilly pushing this narrativefor weeks now and demanding that the United States government do more to resolve the truth that in alleged encounters with these airplane, “our armed force was entirely outmatched technologically by whatever these were.”

“UFOs, it turns out, are genuine, and whatever else they are, they’re a prima facie obstacle to the United States military,” Carlson said on a section last month. “They’re doing things the U.S. armed force does not enable, and they’re doing it with impunity. And they seem concentrated on the U.S. military.”

“Why isn’t the Pentagon more concentrated on this? It seems like a hazard if there ever was one,” Carlson huffed.

In another segmentCarlson had on military intelligence veteran Luis Elizondo, a leading figure in the steadily heightening brand-new UFO story which began in 2017, claiming the aforementioned Senate report on the topic will reveal “an intelligence failure on the part of the United States intel community on the level of 9/11.”

“If there’s a foreign enemy that can put a nuclear warhead within moments over Washington DC, okay, that’s a problem,” Elizondo told Carlson’s Fox News audience.

All this over some completely unverifiable testimony, and a couple of videos being confirmed by the Pentagon which can all be describedby quickly identifiable mundane phenomena.

I can’t predict the future, however I won’t be at all stunned if we start seeing this arms race angle end up being the dominant aspect of this UFO story in the coming months/years. It would definitely fit the pattern of the United States war machine and mass media promoting totally unverifiable accusationsabout foreign federal governments to justify more cold war escalations.

In the early sixties President John F Kennedy incorrectly promoted the “missile space” narrative, informing the general public that the Soviet Union had actually gone beyond the United States in nuclear weapons when he understood full well the United States nuclear arsenal had always far surpassed the USSR’s in number, quality and implementation. Kennedy used this hawkish story to win an election and advance the largest peacetime growth of US military power ever, leading directly to the events which generated the Cuban Missile Crisis which came far closer to ending our worldthan most of us like to think about.

I have no concept what if anything is going on with these UFO phenomena, but I do understand the world-threatening new cold warthe United States is waging versus Russia and China is outrageous. There is no legitimate reason our planet’s dominant power structures can not at the very least cease brandishing armageddon weapons at each other and start collaborating towards a better world together.

Decline the propagandists and cold warriors, no matter how elaborate or unusual their manipulations end up being. Watch on these bastards, and help spread out awareness of what they’re about.

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