New ‘Death From Above’ Personal Defense Option

I’m sure you’ve noticed the uptick in violence lately.  Antifa and others are on the Left are growing increasingly confident and violent, and with a crumbling stock market and rising interest rates, there are likey to be more people joining their ranks.

In fact, we’re seeing a preview of our own future here in the US with what is happening in Paris right now; riots, violence, attacks upon private property and a violent crackdown by the state.

It’s coming here, too.  If the economy enters into a recession next year like many experts are predicting, things could get rough.  To stay safe in a dangerous world it’s important to arm yourself with devastating personal defense weapons.

One of the best ones you could ever own is the “Death From Above” personal defense weapon.

And if you’re one of the lucky 100 who clicks here in time you’ll score an insane deal on this new survival tool.

It’s important you act fast to claim this special deal.

Not only is there a limited supply of “Death From Above” personal-defense weapons…

Politicians have succeeded in BANNING select Americans from owning it (don’t worry – I’ve checked and if you’re receiving this email it means it’s still legal for you to own).

The reason I call this weapon the “Death From Above” personal-defense weapon is simple.

Special Forces teams use a tool almost identical to this one to help in the fight against ISIS and other terrorists.

It’s so powerful military gunships use them in combination with 25mm cannons to help roast terrorists from miles away… hence the “Death From Above” nickname.

You’ll love this weapon…

It’s powerful enough to start a fire.
It protects you from vicious attackers.
It turns average shooters into elite-level marksmen.
It helps you catch food in a crisis.

Like I said – if you’re one of the first 100 lucky readers to click here in time you’ll score an awesome deal on this weapon.

Hurry and get yours today!

There’s a limited supply available – and I’m not sure when these are going to sell out.

Click to claim your discounted “Death From Above” weapon today.

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