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Nolte: Quentin Tarantino Tells Woketards Upset over Bruce Lee Portrayal to ‘Draw a D ** k’

When Upon a Time in Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino informed the woketard crybabies distressed over his representation of Bruce Lee to “go draw a penis.”

My hero * sigh *.

Speaking to podcaster Joe Rogan today, Tarantino stated of the criticism, “Where I’m originating from is … I can understand his child having a problem with it, it’s her fucking dad! I get that. But any person else? Go suck a dick.”

Yes! That is the only method for an artist (or anybody) to react to the Woke Gestapo: unapologetic, profane belligerence.

In his 2019 work of art, When Upon a Time in Hollywood, Tarantino represents kung-fu super star Bruce Lee (a terrific Mike Moh) as a big-headed big mouth extoling how he can kill a then-in-his youthful-prime Cassius Clay (later Muhammad Ali). The film’s co-star, Cliff Cubicle (Oscar-winner Brad Pitt) laughs in his face and the 2 of them face off to see who can put who on the ground.

Look for yourself:

It’s a wonderful scene, a dazzler in a film filled with dazzlers, and if you understand anything about Bruce Lee it works even much better because no matter just how much you may like the person (I’m a big fan), there’s no concern Lee could be– like Ali and Joe Namath– a little loaded with himself. In truth, part of what made Bruce Lee a legend was his capability to cash every check composed by his mouth.

Regardless, Tarantino is well within his creative rights to satirize this legend and– although Tarantino’s critics always fail to mention this, Lee is later on seen in two other series, albeit short ones, in an attractive method as a patient and motivating karate teacher.

What’s more, aside from Margot Robbie’s heavenly Sharon Tate, we see the unappealing side of most of the motion picture’s characters, the majority of specifically Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rick Dalton, Kurt Russell’s henpecked stunt organizer, and wife-killer Cliff Cubicle.

Of course Bruce Lee’s daughter is going to be distressed by this. No one blames her for that. However she likewise implicated Tarantino of racism, and then– surprise, surprise– the rest of the Racial McCarthyists in the entertainment media stacked right on with the exact same smear.

It’s all foolish, whatever is foolish, and this is nothing less than an attempt to penalize and censor an artist and his vision. But … Unlike that penis-less mouse Lin-Miranda Manuel who mewled out an apology for where his muse took him, Tarantino told these wretched fascists to “go draw a dick.”


We need more of this from the artistic neighborhood, the majority of whom understand what is taking place is unethical and incorrect, but still state nothing. This will not end until everybody tells each and every single woketard to “go draw a dick.”

You would like to know what Woke truly is? It’s harmful bullying shrouded in virtue.

Bullies prey on the weak.

Do not be weak.

Stand up for yourselves!

Defend your art!

Repeat after me: Go suck a penis!

State it loud, state it proud: Go suck a penis!

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