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Contents of a First Aid Kit

By Ben / October 21, 2020

A first aid kit is a helpful and important item in homes and for outdoor adventures. It contains a set of medical supplies and other items for a medical emergency. Homes should have a first aid kit. A homemade kit can contain various medical supplies obtained differently. Although pharmacies or stores offer first-aid kits, they […]


Preparing A Children’s First Aid Kit

By Michael B. / March 27, 2019

This article will be extremely helpful for preppers who have children. Even if you don’t have any, it really doesn’t hurt to have a child-oriented first aid kit ready. You’d be shocked to discover how ill-prepared most people are. During an emergency, you may have neighbors or relatives with kids. They may be desperate for […]


The Tourniquet: Saving Lives As A Combat Medic

By Emma C / November 20, 2018

There are many schools of teaching in first aid, but few know how to keep it SIMPLE quite like the Combat Medic. Sure, modern medics carry bags full of fancy gear, and they use it too–but what they can do in lieu of these tools is what a man should know for survival. In this […]


What’s a Shemagh and 10 Reasons Why You NEED To Own One

By Andrew J. / August 20, 2018

There are some survival items that are so useful and versatile that every prepper MUST own one. Paracord is one of them…and a shemagh is another. Pronounced ‘she-mog’, this item is similar to a bandana, but it’s much larger. Roughly 42” x 42”, the shemagh originated in the Middle East out of sheer necessity. The […]


No Idea How To Acquire First Aid Skills? Read This Now!

By Andrew J. / August 13, 2018

Having first aid skills is very useful for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a survivalist or not- a grasp of basic first aid skills can be very handy in times of need. If someone’s choking, you can immediately administer the Heimlich maneuver. If someone collapses and is not breathing, your knowledge of CPR might […]


Quick Prepper Tips For Treating Arm and Leg Fractures

By Emma C / July 16, 2018

Fractures can occur during or after any kind of natural disaster, from a hurricane to an earthquake. Unexpected shaking around you can cause you to fall, and running to take cover can result in things falling on you. In the case of a terrorist attack, you may even be shot at. Anything is possible when […]


How to Prep Effectively and Efficiently…On a Budget

By Andrew J. / June 8, 2018

In an emergency situation, you want to have a number of supplies that you can fall back on to ensure your survival, health, and safety. This requires collecting and maintaining a decent amount of those supplies even though you may never need them. Altogether, these supplies – including food and water stockpiles, first aid supplies, […]


First Aid Checklist For Preppers

By Andrew J. / June 6, 2018

As a prepper, it’s common to focus on water storage and food when you’re preparing for a possible emergency in future. Very often, preppers focus on buying gadgets and tools that will help them. Multipurpose knives, hurricane lanterns and water purification tablets are all necessary. However, besides storing water, one of the most important components […]


5 Essential First Aid Skills Every Prepper Should Have

By Andrew J. / May 21, 2018

As a prepper or survivalist, you’re definitely going to need to build skills that most other people do not have. You’ll need to learn self-defense, firearm handling, camping, and many other skills. One of the most important skills you need is first aid knowledge. First aid is more than just applying a band aid on […]

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