Medical self-sufficiency: No more doctors, drugs or hospital bills

If you or your family live, work or travel in a remote area, even a minor medical issue can become an emergency fast.

To be prepared and self-reliant means more than building shelter, making fire and hunting game.

To be truly self-sufficient, you need to know what plants to eat and which ones to use for medicine and first aid.  

It’s the knowledge that our forefathers and the native Americans had for centuries that we’ve all but lost in recent generations. Did you know that one of the most common pain relievers in the world, aspirin, comes from the willow tree? 

…or that Marshmallow plant root can slow infection caused by viruses like the flu, herpes, or hepatitis A, B, or C, giving time for the body to fight back?

Long before there were hospitals, insurance, and expensive drugs the earth provided medicinal plants. And it still does! 

But…we lost the knowledge of how to find them and how to use them. Why?  Big Pharma spends a fortune telling us that synthetic pills are better.  

Do you really believe that?

Those pills come from the same active ingredients found in plants growing free, right outside your door. There are hundreds of herbs, weeds, trees, and plants of all kinds that can help you survive. 

For example:

The backyard weed, Senega, also known as Seneca Snakeroot, Rattlesnake Root or Mountain Flax, can be an expectorant that will clear the lungs and expel any mucus. It is also a remedy for the flu or a nagging cough.

Wild edibles that grow in forests can heal common colds and calm an asthma attack.

Common spices and herbs from your home can be used as a remedy to bring down fever, sooth a sore throat, banish the flu, and many others.

Long forgotten plants healed people for centuries like Anise Hyssop. It’s found in gardens all over North America and heals dozens of health problems from Athlete’s foot to diarrhea.

These are a few of the hundreds of common plants, weeds, and trees you walk by every day. 
They can save your life…IF you know how to spot them and use them.

Fortunately, one man spent a lifetime collecting the knowledge of woodsmen, Native Americans, hunters and botanists all over North America and Europe.

It’s now a master source for identifying and using these highly-effective plant remedies.

It’s called The Lost Book of Remedies, and it contains 428 of the most potent plants and remedies lost to history… until now. 

If you live, work or play miles from help, you need this book. Full-color pictures help you identify each plant. You’ll see detailed descriptions of what they look like, how to prepare them and what they remedy.

Go here for all the details.

Campers, survivalists, hunters or anyone who wants to live off the land should keep this reference handy…just in case. 

To your health and independence,

Survival Dad

P.S. If you want a real alternative to drugs and hospitals, this is the book for you. It’s not an eBook…it’s an old fashioned, actual hard-copy book. You can take it with you to the field, and it can save your life if medical care is out of reach. Learn more about this lifesaving reference guide here.

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