They’re Tearing America Apart

I woke up this morning to see the predictable-but still horrible-headlines reporting that grown adults are fighting one another for Black Friday discounts on things like paper towels, TVs and other junk.

Didn’t see it?  Here’s the headline from Drudge:

I know what you’re thinking, “Those people are crazy and I’m not going out shopping on Black Friday so I have nothing to worry about”.

Well, I beg to differ.  Those people are like hazard signs, warning us of the imminent danger of our society ripping itself to shreds.  You already know that the Left is full of hate and happy to engage in violence.

But sad events like what we’re witnessing today are a reminder that it’s not just Leftists who are nearing the breaking point, but ‘average’ Americans whose religion is consumerism and instant gratification who can be triggered by the slightest inconvenience.

When I saw that video this morning, I thought to myself, “What will these people do when they’ve not had electricity for three days?  What violence will they resort to when they miss their morning cup of coffee?”

I already know, and I suspect you do, too.

Prepping for the collapse of a civilization isn’t easy.  It’s not as straightforward as preparing for a blizzard by storing food and fuel; now we have to prepare for unpredictable violence from neighbors and others in our community who could be just moments away from a break down at any time.

The first step is protecting your life, and being prepared to do so without hesitation at any moment.  I recommend this weapon, which you can easily hide and discreetly carry almost anywhere.

I’ll be putting together more articles on situational awareness and personal defense in the coming weeks.

Stay safe!

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