What About Your Life Would You Like to Change?

If you’re anything like me, there are probably a few things about your life that you’d like to change.  I need to lose a few pounds I’ve packed on since I stopped working out a year ago (to spend more time with my kids on the farm).

I’d like to have my off-grid retreat complete (instead of remaining in constant ‘under progress’ state).

I’d like to have the luxury of traveling the world at will to learn about other cultures and see up close and personal the work of my favorite charities (I have a nagging suspicion they could spend the money they raise more effectively).

I’m not really into flashy cars, bling or junk like that.  Sure, I wouldn’t mind a car with a few less miles, or a tractor for the compound instead of calling my neighbor all the time, but mostly what I want is greater freedom and independence to live life without worry and anxiety.

I bring this up because I came across an extraordinary video by Tai Lopez.  He gave a Ted Talk recently that got more than 1 million views (this isn’t your typical backyard prepper with a smartphone).

There are a few things about Tai’s talk that really jumped out at me.  First, he explains how he’s discovered exactly how long it takes to create a new, permanent habit.  It’s not 30 days like I’d always thought.  It’s 66 days.  (That explains why I’ve failed so often at forming new habits!)

He also refers to money in a way I’ve never heard anyone else before.  No, it’s not calling dollars “Federal Reserve Notes” like some of your friends (and mine), probably do.

He refers to money as “Freedom Units”.  Isn’t that extraordinary?

I’m not writing to you today to talk about emergency preparedness per se, but about learning new habits, changing your life in the ways you’re currently unhappy, and achieving more in less time.

Now, Tai isn’t really my kind of guy.  I would never buy a Lamborghini.  (I’d rather have a underground compound with solar panels on top and a fleet of drones to defend my property!) But I suspect he understands better than I the power of symbols to convey a message.

Anyway, take a few minutes this morning to listen to what Tai has to say.  If you can learn how to change just one little thing in your life to live better, be happy, or accomplish more and quickly, it will be worth it.

God Bless you,

Michael Barrett

P.S.  I know some of you will write and say, “This isn’t about prepping, why are you sending me this?!”  Well, most of us DO lead real lives beyond rabbits and chickens and water and food storage, so while we prepare for the worst, let’s hope for the best.  Here’s the link to Tai’s video again.

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