Working With Freeze-Dried Vegetables

At Food Storage Made Easy, we are strong advocates of using your food storage on a regular basis so that you can freezefoodrotate through it, as well as learn how to use it in your regular cooking. So to help you out with that, we wanted to share with you a list of ways we like to use our freeze-dried vegetables. Don’t just let those cans or buckets sit in the basement until there is an emergency! Also keep scrolling down because we are announcing a HUGE sale on Chef’s Banquet Vegetable Buckets just for Food Storage Made Easy readers.

Some veggies are great to snack on straight out of the can. Corn is a favorite among both kids and grown-ups. It tastes a little bit like popcorn without all the added butter and salt. Yum!

If you love making smoothies and want some added nutrition, you can throw in some green veggies along with your fruit to make your smoothies even healthier. Our favorite is freeze-dried spinach because spinach spoils so quickly.

Freeze-dried veggies are perfect in soups and stews where they will just rehydrate while the soup cooks. You don’t have to purchase and chop up individual items, so it’s easy to get a large variety in your meals.

Freeze dried veggies are great for making homemade baby food in a snap. You simply grind up your selected vegetable in a food processor and add water until you get the desired consistency. So much cheaper and healthier than store-bought baby food. The best part is you can keep the powder in your diaper bag and make up only a small amount and not worry about wasting a half bottle of uneaten food while you are out and about.

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