Urban Foraging for Post Collapse Survival

Literally every city is full of free, delicious, edibles that will give you very nutritious meals post-collapse in addition to your stockpile. In fact, you can forage for them pre-collapse as well since a lot of the edibles I’m about to reveal to you are on public property.

When Can You (Legally) Pick Fruits and Plants?

The law is a bit blurry and you might want the check your state laws. However, the general rules go something like this:

  • if it’s on public property, you can take it
  • if it’s on private property but the leaves or the fruits are on public property, you might be able to take it
  • if it’s on private property and the branch is on your property, you might be able to take it because, technically,
  • it’s your space and you have the right to have your stuff in it, not someone else’s

    Obviously, post-collapse, things are going to be a bit different but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easier. What we know for sure is that a plant on public domain is safe to be taken home and eaten. So let’s see what are some of the best and most nutritious plants you can find in urban settings.

But, right now, you can find a lot of the plants I’m about to reveal to you inside or around the city, including in parks, bike trails and every other green space you can find. (continue reading)

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