Would you vote for Judge Kavanaugh?

It’s been a wild ride, even by Washington standards, but Senators will be voting on Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation tomorrow.

If you were a US Senator, would you vote?  Participate in our poll below!

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Alvin Klafke - October 5, 2018

Yes I would… “BIG TIME”

B. Cadwell - October 5, 2018

Would vote for Judge Kavanaugh without question. Most all of the Democrats should be fired for insubordination and lack of common sense.

Arizona - October 5, 2018

Absolutely not.

His record supports use of recording and tracking without warrants. Any freedom lover who supports that is insane.

Eddie Goodman - October 5, 2018

No,for the shear fact he wanted no part of a lie detector,which would have saved alot of time and money.The GOP is spending money like there’s no tomorrow,And need to get trump out of there,he’s a worldwide joke.

John Milligan - October 5, 2018

President Trump is the most effective President in the history of the U.S.A.
The Democratic Party is a disgrace to Democracy.

fanofjesus - October 5, 2018

the only reason I wouldn’t vote for him is that he is a Jesuit, and they are attempting to control all of our government, and I don’t want that

F. Nelson Jr. - November 3, 2018

Since I’m a senior and having grown up in the 30’s and 40’s I know what’s happening to our country
and feel sorry for my grandchildren as the democrats will eventually get back in the power and will destroy our country. I don’t know why happened to the younger democrats, as their parents
were solid citizens bur the younger ones are talking like socialists which will destroy our democracy
Had Donald not gotten in and Hillary had our country would never be he the same, but younger folks have no idea what life was like when I was young and people cared about their country.

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