Would you vote for Judge Kavanaugh?

It’s been a wild ride, even by Washington standards, but Senators will be voting on Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation tomorrow.

If you were a US Senator, how would you vote?  Participate in our poll below!

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rick - October 5, 2018

I say that no matter what the republicans do isn’t going too make the dems/liberals happy, So since that isn’t ever going to happen, then ( if they ever get any back bone ) they should, could, do what ever they want to do because they wont have another chance, once this era is over with Trump and Pence be it four,eight or how ever long. We’ll not get any chance like this again. I can only hope and pray that once Kavanaugh gets in ( hopefully) that Trump puts in at least two more Judges. After I seen what has happened to Kavanaugh and his family I am completely done with the Democratic party I will no longer for a single one No Matter What.
I’m done forever, If my mom ran for a dog catcher and is on the democratic party I would not vote for her. I always voted for who I thought was the best person regardless of party, But that has changed. The Democratic party has now left the building, and has allowed the far left to run its show. America needs to wake up and see what has happing to us. So come November I hope the Republicans wins it all, I never thought I’d ever say that but it is NOW what it is. I love this country and its people not so much those who run it. Its suppose to be innocent until proven guilty but its not that way any more. We must stand up for
what is right, or next time they could say it’s you.

Dennis Riveron - October 5, 2018

I as an American, and a combat veteran, I support and believe every AMERICAN has the GOD given right to say and vote as they see fit. What I do not support is the radical left, the DEMS who have divided our political democracy. I am willing to bet that the majority of them have done nothing for this GREAT COUNTRY. Like Warren, like Bloominthal, Booker, Schumer, Palosie, and many, many more. And I know I did not spell their names correct, but that is because they ARE NOT RELEVANT. But the DEMS better remember that what goes around comes around. I would like to see one of our Conservative Republicans, ask the left why they hate this GREAT COUNTRY. GOD BLESS AND HE HAS, AMERICA.

Beverly - October 5, 2018

I don’t believe those women.

    Tom Wood - October 5, 2018

    Obvious a last stand / plot with gain.
    Evan a 5 grader can see its a tit for tat and the Corrupt Row v. Wade.
    Ask yourselve when does life begin – must be conception for without there would be no life.

Joe Johnigk - October 5, 2018

its to bad the general population doesnt realize what the agenda of the democrats/deep state is all about. What we are seeing is the panic of the democrat/deep state reaction. They know if he gets in they will lose more
control. lets hope those republican voters get out there next month..

Jack - October 5, 2018

The Weather Underground tried to take over our government back in the 60’s. Their leaders were friends of Obama’s before he filed to run for the presidency. When they failed; they put out a handbook with specific instructions on what they needed to do to succeed the next time. They were supported by Communist countries at the time.

They were instructed to take over our educational institutions.
They were instructed to use those to destroy our historical loyalties to our founding fathers; the Constitution; individual rights; belief in God; and even the traditional bonding of families. They’ve accomplished all of those things partially and some of them almost completely. They now control 95% of all schools, and that includes colleges and universities.

When this country separated from the European Kings …only a small percentage of people here were willing to participate. It seems that hasn’t changed much. We get the government we deserve. How many of you are willing to put your life on the line to keep our country free?

Brian - October 5, 2018

I am constantly amazed how easily the public is brainwashed. All this b.s. about the what the democrats are doing while the republicans are doing the same thing, even worse – lie after lie while they steal dollar after dollar out of your pocket and put it into theirs. And no, I am not a democrat. I am the only thing every true American should be…INDEPENDENT! Stop believing all of the bs and misinformation they are spreading and think for yourself. It’s not that hard to see what’s really going on. I have voted for both democrats and republicans in the past – always choosing the lesser of two evils. Both parties are a disgrace to this country and the two-party system is outdated. If they all would stop spending 90% of their time trying to undermine each other and line their own pockets, they could spend that time focusing on solutions to all of the problems we face these days and bring this country back to what it once was. Wake up America and get your head out of the sand before both parties destroy what’s left of this once great nation!

Vaughan Miller - November 3, 2018

Both parts should read the list left here I’m # eight, the first six are good the last one down has good comments about the parties. Nothing will change until there is three parties. You can tell by what happen this time. Wake up I voted all republican party, we need an INDEPENDENT party, only way it will work.

Orris Holt - November 5, 2018

The last time I even liked a DEM was when Goldwater ran. My Grandmother talked about him all the time. Now, I’m conservative, Republican. Yes I voted for Trump, and glad I did. We are getting strong and stronger everyday. God, Bless America!

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