56 y. o. Geography Teacher Humiliates Power Companies

If you’re anything like me, you’ve noticed that it seems the world if overrun with bad news.  Western civilization seems to be crumbling before our very eyes.  That’s why I’m always so excited to receive a bit of good news, and this morning I got an email that I believe will truly change the world.

This morning I learned about an eccentric 56 year-old geography teacher in Memphis, Tennessee who believed he could change the energy world… and somehow he did it.

This guy shows us clear as day how anyone can power their home with ZERO cost...this is a new source of energy that is second only to the sun.  (That's right, this is not dependent upon solar power, or the unpredictable and variable wind power, nor is it dependent on having a constantly running river right next to your homestead).
This discovery has the potential to free yourself from the ever-rising costs and change the course of the electric industry.
I think you deserve to see it for yourself.  Click here to watch the full video.
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Jason Johnston - January 11, 2019

So how do I get/make one?

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