Consider a Potager

Have you ever considered a potager?
You can have the best of both worlds with a potager when you essentially have your cake and eat it too.
With a potager, you have your garden and eat it too.

Potagers are particularly good for people who live on smaller lots of land or only have room for a small garden.
They are also great for people who just don’t have the time to tend to a larger garden but like to have some color in their yard and fresh vegetables at the same time.

So what is a potager?
Well, some people have different definitions of what a potager is supposed to be and this ranges from an organized display vegetable garden to a combination of edible plants and display plants.

Essentially a potager is making use of the colors and textures of vegetables to create a colorful display garden with the added benefit of being able to eat the plants within, and that is why it is considered the ultimate garden by some.
It is pleasing to the eye and the stomach.

With many flowers finding their way into salads and other forms of foods as people become aware of the fact that they are edible, the potager has become more popular in recent years.

By adding sculptures, pots, specimen trees, and anything else that you would add to a normal flower garden, the potager can become a focal point in any garden and your vegetables no longer need to be hidden away out of sight in some other part of your property.

Most potagers are grown in raised beds that allow better control over the drainage and reduce the chance of the vegetables from becoming waterlogged.

By planning in a structured manner and close to one another, the colors of the plants and the combinations of one group contrasting another can make a display that will rival any flower garden.

It can be quite an exciting challenge to create an eye-catching potager.

Try it and you might become hooked.

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