Gardener’s Knees

While gardening can be good for your health, both in body and mind, there are many occasions when your knees might not think the same way.

It often seems a lot easier to kneel when working on low areas of the garden, but in doing so regularly you can damage the delicate area of the knees causing swelling and ongoing pain from permanent damage.

If there is no other alternative in your garden than to get down on your knees to work, then it might be time to look at the benefits of getting some suitable gardeners kneepads.

These kneepads can be worn comfortably on your knees while working in the garden and the materials in them reduce most of the impact caused by kneeling.

Alternatively, you can buy a kneeling platform that you can carry around and place on the ground when you need to kneel.

Gardening supply manufacturers have realized the demand for products to help in this area and new products are coming on the market regularly.
Even if you are unaffected by problems with kneeling in the garden, it is the long-term damage that you need to be concerned about as it can take years to surface.

It might even be necessary to look at the gardening equipment you are using to see whether you can use longer handled implements that will allow you to do the same work from a standing position.

The more you care for your health and well-being while working in the garden, the longer you will be able to devote to gardening as you age.

The quality gardening tools and implements that are available are a wise investment as they can make your life in the garden a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.

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