Garden Safety

We often overlook the possibility of danger that can lurk in the garden.
Everything from rotten limbs on trees that can fall on top of us to slippery surfaces that are covered in moss can present dangers.

There are certain times of the year when there seem to be more problems of safety in the garden and these are generally the wetter months.

This is the time when moss can grow on walkways cause dangerously slippery surfaces.

There are products on the market that can eliminate moss but some of these can also cause damage to your plants.
Water blasting will get rid of the slippery surfaces and it is possible to buy relatively cheap and good quality water blasters that are suitable for the home handy person.

Once again you will need to take care not to damage plants as the pressure from the water blaster can destroy a garden in a matter of minutes.

Even the weight of plants can change over the wetter months particularly those in hanging containers and the additional weight from the water might just be enough to cause them to come crashing down.

Palm fronds can have very sharp and potentially dangerous spikes that can be lethal if you happen to get one in your eye while leaning into the garden.
It is always recommended that you wear safety glasses when getting amongst your plants in the garden because it is so easy to damage your eyes.

Wearing gloves is something that goes without saying to protect your hands, not only from cuts and scrapes but also from potential infection.

And you might be quite surprised to learn that the biggest danger in the garden and the cause of most injuries are from garden implements that are left lying around in the garden causing injury when someone falls or stands on them.

A tidy garden is generally a safer garden.

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