Dry Run for When the Water Stops

Something I have learned over the years is that my own experience coupled with the anecdotal experience of my peers will always trump the theoretical. Most assuredly, this also applies to coping skills learned in a disaster or what I like to call a “Disruptive Event”.

Some of you might recall that due to a break at the water meter coming into my home, I was without running water for 12 days. Because I was prepared, the lack of running water was at most an inconvenience. You might even say that it was a grand adventure as I experienced a real life test of both my water preps and coping skills.

Everyday Life Without Running Water | Backdoor Survival

Today I have another real-life experience to share. This time, Daisy Luther, the author of The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide, shares a chapter from her book that describers her own first hand experience living life without running water during a power outage. Talk about a double whammy: no water AND no power!

Included in this chapter are are seven solutions to help you survive for the short term when the tap is running dry and the pump to the well (if you have one) is no longer working. (continue reading)

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