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I talked my buddy Frank over at 4Patriots into giving away some of his 72-hour survival food kits.  Watch:

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Because everyone could use a food kit, 4Patriots is proudly distributing free survival food kits. With its long shelf-life its perfect for storing in case of emergency. For people living where natural disasters often occur, this is a vital part of your emergency kit.

Like many people, you’ve heard of the benefits of having an emergency kit. You have the flashlights, the matches, a medical kit… maybe you’re really prepared and even have water ready to go. But many people forget the most important part – food.

Everyone knows that without food your body will feel weak, you can go a few days without it. But you won’t be able to perform at tip-top shape. That’s why its important to have nutritious food ready as part of your emergency kit.

But can you really have nutritious, delicious food ready to go in case of an emergency? Now you can… and not only that – you can get a full kit for your family to try out for free today.

You’ll be surprised at just how delicious this food really is. Unlike canned foods (which many people use for their survival kits), this food is nutritious, fresh, and has low sodium content. No chemicals, GMOs, or added preservatives. The mylar packaging and unique dehyrdration method keeps this food fresh for up to 25 years!

It’s also great to have on hand in case of temporary food shortages or in cases of difficulty reaching stores.

What is the 72-Hour Food Kit?

You’ll get 16 servings of delicious and nutritious survival food rated for 25 years of storage… that’s 5+ servings per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner! You get 3,360 total calories (1,120 calories per day), enough food, energy and nutrients to survive a 72-hour emergency.

The food tastes absolutely great. Unlike a lot of survival foods I’ve tried before! They’ve selected the food to not just meet your calorie demands, but the food has energy-boosting nutrients that make sure in an emergency you can perform at your physical peak.

The food has no harmful chemicals, no GMOS, and no added MSG. Just natural ingredients full of energy-boosting nutrients

Each meal only requires water (read the free “Patriot Survival Plan” that comes with your purchase to learn more about saving water in case of an emergency). In just 5 minutes, your meal is ready to eat.

Built for a 25-year shelf life, the kit comes in disaster-proof packaging.

You’ll get tasty meals such as Chicken a la King, Classic Potato Soup and the stick-to-your-ribs breakfast favorite Cinnamon Sugar Oatmeal.

Your food is made in the USA at a family-owned facility in Utah.

Using their unique low-heat dehydration method and packaging each meal in space-age Mylar… this food is guaranteed to survive any disaster and has a 25-year shelf life.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you open any of your 4Patriots meals anytime in the next 25 years and find that your food has spoiled, you can return your entire 4Patriots stockpile and I will triple your money back!

This exact same 72-Hour Food Kit normally sells on the 4Patriots website and on Amazon for $27 + S&H. Today they are waiving the whole purchase price and only ask that you help cover the cost of shipping.

A message from Frank:

“So why would we give you this for free? Because we know for a fact when you get a taste of our delicious food, you’ll know exactly how valuable this will be for your family in a crisis”

Besides for their trust that you’ll fall in love with the products… this deal has zero hidden costs or monthly fees. They even promise to not sell your information. They started offering this deal because they had overstock… and what better way to introduce you to a community of like-minded people interested in being prepared. Family first type people.

But it’s more than just a food kit.

4Patriots is also giving you free access to the Patriot Survival Plan library. These 4 educational books come free with your purchase today. Learn about all the secret tips needed to survive and type of crisis. Get expert ways to prepare yourself and your family. Regularly these books sell for $39 – but you get access for free.


You need to order today to guarantee your package. It’s the final days to get the 72-hour food kit from 4Patriots. After that, the 4Patriots partners will still have available stock but they charge $25 plus shipping.

Get the $27 72-hour 25-year survival food kit and the complete Patriot Survival Plan library (a $39 value) for just the cost of shipping. For just $14.95 we will be able to ship you this amazing collection of survival food and prepper knowledge!

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