How to Defend Yourself Without a Firearm

While it would be convenient and undoubtedly helpful to have a firearm at your side when you find yourself in a dangerous situation, this is not always the case. In addition, some extent of training is required in order to handle a gun properly. Here we are going to list nine things that can just as efficiently serve as your self-defense tool with minimal knowledge or training, and can also be carried on or with your person at any and all times.

Aside from a gun, a knife is usually the next best weapon a person will think of when being challenged by an attacker. It is also a relatively common tool, be it a small, multi-purpose pocketknife or a larger, fixed blade. Obviously certain knives will attract more attention than others when being carried on your person, so something smaller that can be quickly opened and closed is recommended.

Tactical Pen
Some would argue that any old pen can be used as a method of defense, and that’s true. Technically, any pen could be opened and potentially do some damage when stabbed at a person with enough force, but the odds are that the damage wouldn’t be overly severe, and you need it to be severe enough that you can escape. Tactical pens are more useful simply because they are made with stronger metal and a sharper edge that could be used for protection if need be.

Pepper Spray
Pepper spray is so notorious that not much explanation as to why it is on this list is necessary. It is specifically designed to completely incapacitate anyone who poses a threat to you. The ingredients are such that being sprayed in the face results in not only extreme pain but also an involuntary closing of the eyes, therefore it would work on even intoxicated attacker. Note that it is a commonly confused idea that wasp spray can be easily substituted for pepper spray, this is incorrect. Wasp repellant will not have the same affect on an attacker and in some situations may not have an affect at all.

It should be pretty self-explanatory when I say: the heavier the better. There are quite a few baton-type flashlights available for purchase on the market for exactly the reason we are discussing. A flashlight can be wielded with a power similar to that of a baseball bat, and can effectively maintain distance between you and an attacker.

Stun gun
A stun gun can be used in any sort of weather, including rain, while other usually efficient methods, like pepper spray, cannot. They can be designed to resemble a real gun, but are not always. You can carry it without drawing attention to yourself, and will then be able to buy yourself time to run away.

Keychain Knuckles
Like said in the name, these can be carried on your keychain. They are made to be light and durable, but will nonetheless deliver a blow of enough force to get the job done.

The belt is another item that most everyone owns already. The buckle of your belt can definitely help you out if someone has you at a disadvantage, and you can keep them back by wrapping the end of the belt around your hand.

Like the aforementioned pens, there are also specialty umbrellas made specifically with self-defense in mind. These are made of fiberglass, making them light, hard, and not likely to break when being used.

Of course, in these days, a rock will not be your go-to, but it may be a last resort. If you are left completely unarmed, a sharp rock can be used for its sharp edge, or a dull one for its blunt force.

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Rich - March 1, 2016

Good article Emma. Id like to add the use of one or more long hat pin are very effective and hard to defend;also a hatchet is good weapon.

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