What Do You Expect for TEOTWAWKI ?

The End Of The World As We Know It.

It DOES NOT MEAN the end of the world. This is why we prep. The threats that we face are many. As preppers wenatural-disasters-preppers want to survive Teotwawki. The collapse events vary in degree, but your preparedness plan should prepare for the worst.

Whether fantasy, or reality, we all have “collapse events” that we prepare for. Those who are not preppers still have their “collapse event”. TEOTWAWKI could be loss of a job for which they maintain a rainy day fund. It could be damage to their home from storms, fire or vandals, for which they carry insurance. For the weakest among us, TEOTWAWKI could mean a zit on their chin before a big date for which they have makeup concealer.

For preppers, TEOTWAWKI may mean the zombie apocalypse as portrayed in The Walking Dead or the very real possibility of the economic collapse of the US Dollar and the resulting societal unrest. Via my website we have surveyed fellow preppers and readers over the years and asked:

What is your TEOTWAWKI?

Here are the top ten responses: (continue reading)

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