Tips and Tricks For Dynamic Composting

Balance the Ingredients

The primary requirement in order for a compost heap to remain active is to have a balance of ingredients. If you have too much of a single component, your compost will eventually die down. Remember that a compost is inherently comprised of numerous organic ingredients, and to keep it in top condition means that you must also maintain the variety of materials you put in your compost heap. Over time, some ingredients in the compost heap may dominate over the others, so make a point to replenish your compost bin and check it frequently.

Select the Right Bin or Container

The right bin will also lead you to the right lively nature of dynamic composting. You could do everything right, but you choose an unsuitable container, the compost will become passive over time. Find the right fit for your compost heap and then ensure that the container itself is well-maintained, free of holes, and free of any other infestations that may affect your compost heap’s growth.

Dampen, Don’t Soak

Soaking is primary evil to your compost. Have the right amount of moisture, but do not drown the compost heap to the point that it won’t be of any vital impact to your soil. Make sure that you are able to draw out more humus than water from your compost heap so that you will be paid back well for your hard labor in building your compost heap.

Bacteria Needs Air

If you provide your compost heap with enough air, the bacteria that produces humus will thrive and will help exceed your expectations of compost heap performance. Make sure that you have enough air, but not too much that it will over-expose the pile and defeat the purpose of creating a good compost heap.

Check the Temperature

There is an ideal temperature for composting. Ensure that the compost heap maintains this temperature, otherwise the whole reaction for composting will not be sustained or completed. Have a thermometer handy every day when you inspect your composting heap. If possible, find thermometers that are created specifically for composting purposes.

Have a Fixed Area For Composting

We don’t recommend trying to establish a mobile composting heap. Make sure you can fix it in a single place to increase its chances of growing and thriving. When you move around your composting heap too much, less reaction takes place. It requires a certain degree of permanence to produce optimum results, so make sure that you’re prepared to provide that stability before diving in.

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